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USB missile launcher - just the job for inter-desk warfare!

by Bob Crabtree on 7 July 2006, 17:09

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Deskbound office workers will recognise the situation. One person does something thoughtless, another over reacts. After that, things get totally out of hand. But what is an appropriate response to leaky personal stereo headphones (scissors?) or an overly loud telephone manner ("Shut your face!")?

How about, perhaps, a salvo from your very own USB Missile Launcher? Yours for £29.99 from i want ONE OF THOSE - though in our view, your turned-on bosses ought to buy them for you all, taking the company's ongoing HR initiative to the next level, incentivising you as part of its leveraged outreach.

USB Missile Launcher - rear

Want to know more? Well, this is what the gadget site says:

The USB Missile Launcher is the ultimate deterrent against those annoying people who lurk around your desk because they've nothing better to do. The Launcher holds three foam missiles, and Missile Command is located on your desktop (which is a great deal more convenient than having it buried under Cheyanne Mountain in Colorado - but that's Norad for you).

You simply use your mouse to control the launcher which rotates and tilts as you zero in on your victim, that, despite being deeply childish, is immensely satisfying. The Missile Launcher fires its three foam missiles sequentially as you hit the 'Fire' button, and though collateral damage is minimal, the fun factor is exceedingly high. We just love USB toys.

USB Missile Launcher - front with controller app


* A Missile launcher you can plug into your PC.
* A pivoted base for directional control.
* Three foam missiles.
* A software CD.
* Load the software and a control panel appears on your computer screen, simulating a radar tracking screen.
* Use your mouse or keyboard to control the 'control panel'.
* A click on 'Fire' when your target is in sight releases one of the three missiles.
* Rocket launching sound effects when you fire.
* Suitable for ages 5 years+.
* Requires a USB port.
* Size: 20 x 14 x 12.5cm.

Thanks to The Reg for the heads-up!

Is it worth £30? Probably not but that doesn't stop us from fancying one like mad. You, though? Join us in the and tell us, if you've got the front, that you really don't want one of these toys just as badly as we do!

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i want ONE OF THOSE - USB Missile Launcher
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Ha! This will definitely be getting bought, might finally be able shut the woman up talking to her mates on the phone infront of me! Finally some payback for having to listen to endless stories about how cute her kids are!
We were talking about these on the forums the other day :lol:

Very cool :D
The device needs an upgrade though. Since it is already a USB device, it should include a webcam for remote sighting purposes, just a 1 or 2 fps update rate would be fine, then you can aim from your monitor to your remote missile batteries.
I give it 6 months until there are bluetooth remote-controlled attack helicopters available. The missiles are nice but I'd be first in the queue for a chopper :)
rather dsturbed by the sudden interest in these things. the regster has done two articles recently and now hexus has done one. to be honest there f***ing cool. but why the sudden interest when theyve been availble for at the very least a year and a half?