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Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot proves inexorable (video)

by Mark Tyson on 21 February 2018, 10:11

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We have featured the fascinating Boston Dynamics robots on HEXUS a number of times previously in recent years. One of its most thoroughly tried and tested quadrapedal robots is the SpotMini, which we last saw doing the household chores and then serving beer to its owner, relaxing on the sofa.

Last week the internet was agog that SpotMini had learned to open and go through office doors, the standard type of office door with a lever handle. It did so with its 'emu's neck' style appendage, which looked a little different to last time we saw it. Actually, SpotMini is more refined since its household chores episode, its not skeletal anymore but features sleek yellow body panels.

A few hours ago Boston Dynamics published a new video featuring SpotMini. This time SpotMini was again tasked with exiting through a standard office door. However, this time the firm had deployed a robot bothering human. Armed with a hockey stick and protective glasses the SpotMini assailant's purpose was to test SpotMini's "ability to adjust to disturbances".

The new video starts with SpotMini innocently walking up to a door but as soon as it goes to grab the handle the hockey stick wielding human deflects its appendage away from the handle. Later, the door is pushed closed as the mini robot tries to open it. The struggle escalates in a final assault on the robot, whereby it is roughly pulled away from the opening door by its tail.

Before you decide to write an angry letter with your complaints please consider Boston Dynamics' assurances that "This testing does not irritate or harm the robot."

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So this is how the robot uprising begins.
I can't be the only on waiting for the robot to turn around and slap the human?
…but the battery life is next to a SLI gaming laptop
I wonder what t did when it got through the door?

Turn round at stick up a paw back at the human? :)
I was waiting for it to bite him :D