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Something you've always needed: a gutter-cleaning robot

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 January 2008, 17:44

Tags: iRobot

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Another fun-filled post for Monday.

What do you think the contraption below does? How many of you would have guessed that it's a gutter-cleaning robot?

Simply place the iRobot Looj into your dirty, dirty gutter, press the power button, and watch it sweep away all the collected junk while you marvel at just how cool technology can be.

Indeed, so impressed have CES judges been by the Looj and its ability to sweep-up the competition (groan), that it's been awarded a CES Best of Innovations Design and Engineering gong.

We know you're hankering after some detailed information on the wonders of the Looj, so head on over to here to see how it works and here to see the different configurations available.

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