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Nokia recalls faulty mobile phone chargers

by Parm Mann on 9 November 2009, 09:58

Tags: Nokia (NYSE:NOK)

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Nokia has today announced that it will exchange roughly 14 million faulty chargers for free replacements.

The chargers, said to be manufactured by a third party but Nokia-branded, have been found to feature plastic covers that could "come loose and separate, exposing the charger's internal components and potentially posing an electrical shock hazard".

Although Nokia states that no incidents or injuries have yet been reported, it recommends that customers stop using faulty chargers and apply for a free replacement at chargerexchange.nokia.com.

Faulty charges are identified as the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC-4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009.

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