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Vodafone's HTC Magic (Google Android) phone now available on pre-order

by Tarinder Sandhu on 21 April 2009, 10:03

Tags: HTC Magic, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), HTC (TPE:2498), Vodafone (LON:VOD)

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Back in February HEXUS.channel reported that Vodafone was planning on releasing a handset based on Google's Android mobile-orientated operating system.

The HTC Magic is that handset, and it will be available exclusively on Vodafone. T-Mobile was to market with the Android-based G1, but the HTC Magic packs in a beefier specification, including 3.2in HVGA (480x320) touchscreen; 3.2MP camera, HSDPA (3G); and SatNav.

Currently on pre-order but set to be made available on May 5th, the Magic will ship with the usual myriad of price plans.

Taking one as an example, based on an 18-month contract, Vodafone will offer it for £35 per month, which includes 700 minutes and 250 texts.

The obvious competitor to the Android-powered Magic is Apple's iPhone 3G, available only on 02 and priced at similar contract levels for the 8GB model. Just like the iPhone with its App Store, HTC Magic users will be able to purchase applications and software from Android Marketplace.

We'll only really know how the sector shakes out when Palm's Pre is launched, of course, but it's nice to see the iPhone have some reasonable competition.

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Whenever I see the standard Android home screen I can't help feeling let down.

Perhaps an iPhone isn't that pretty with the black background and bold icons as opposed to some water scene and a fancy (but hard to read) clock, but it just looks a lot more…useful.

The TouchFlow home screen on current HTC WindowsMobile handsets is also much more functional. I have it on my Kaiser and it is great!

The handset does look a good bit more slick than the G1 though.
Its a G1 but without the keyboard
Its a G1 but without the keyboard

Also the fact that still to this day Vodaphone can't offer a good contract deal to save their lives. £35 a month for 700 minutes and 250 texts! I can do that in a week on the tmobile flext contract I am on now and I am still to actually get anywhere near using the whole £200 a month credit I get on the phone to use.

I pay tmobile £30 a month for £200 to spend on the phone every month on texts, calls, picture messages and also free web n walk to boot. This is why I left Voda phone originally. They are literally dreaming with their contract deals atm. They really do need to start competing with the other operators out there.

I am surprised that they bothered with the G1 at all as the G2 is due to land and I know tmobile have the exclusive deal on them but if I were Vodaphone I would of waited. Might have a better camera and screen but since using the G1 myself I doubt it would make that much of a difference anyway. What the phone really needs is the basics back like being able to record video's for a start :/
i'd consider getting that phone but that tariff is terrible.

although the os might be better, i'd still stick with my nokia n95 8gb seeing as i take pictures on it look really good, its nice and loud and the video recording is pretty good, something which i doubt the magic will have