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Nokia hoping for iPhone-like hype at N96 launch

by Parm Mann on 23 September 2008, 12:06

Tags: Nokia N96, Nokia (NYSE:NOK)

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Nokia's upcoming N96 is still on schedule for a nationwide UK launch on October 1st, but those wanting to get their hands on it earlier than the rest can do so tomorrow.

The flagship handset will be available on September 24th at an exclusive launch at Nokia's flagship stores; Regent Street and Heathrow Terminal 5.

Nokia will no doubt be hoping that the Regent Street launch will entice customers and result in queues that'll provide levels of consumer hype to rival that of Apple's iPhone.

The handset is listed at a sim-free price of Ā£535, and those itching to get their hands on Nokia's new daddy can do so tomorrow at the following locations:

Nokia flagship stores
Regent Street
49-63 Regent Street,
London W1B 4DY
Heathrow Terminal 5
After security
Heathrow Airport
London TW6 2GD

If a trip to London just isn't feasible, the handset can be pre-ordered from Nokia's online store. So, who's feeling the N96 buzz and who's thinking of getting one?

Source: nokia.co.uk/flagship

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First! Oh yeah there was a thread about that! Umm now to turn into something constructive ….

I love my N95 and I hope to get this, my contract is up for renewal and it will be battles out between my current provider (O2) and what 3 can offer me. I do like the look of this phone and am a Nokia man when it comes to phones. This is the next logical upgrade for me. OK so not a lot to shout about apart from design and the TV tuner, but hey. It does MMS, the iPhone doesn't … :)
Yeah, I'm _probably_ going to get one as an upgrade for my current N95 as well. Although the N85 (I think? N82 maybe?) also looks quite appealing.

I hope there's some way to completely turn off the tuner though, as it's utterly useless in the UK where there are no DVB-H broadcasts. Still, I hear it's getting an iPlayer client, so Beeb stuff will be grabbable over the data connection at least.

My main hope is that the camera and video is as good as the N95. It's really nice having a reasonable option for “always there” camera and video recording. If my N95 wasn't beginning to look a bit skanky now with all the scrapes and stuff all over it, I'd be more than happy to keep it. I still haven't seen anything else on the market I'd rather have, even with my mania for new toys.
I don’t understand why Nokia are pushing this as their flagship n-series model. As noted above, the tuner is redundant from the start, it has a sub-par battery (even the N95-8gb had a better one), and to top it off they’ve exchanged the protective lens cover for a phone stand. IMO its simply a poor re-hash of the n95 and nothing more. Rant over.

Just my two cents, but I’m going to hold out till the cheaper N85 arrives.

E2A: http://hellon96.tumblr.com/ < an early adopters first impressions of the N96 and brief comparison to the iphone.