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1.4 billion pixel - AWARE 2 - camera developed

by Alistair Lowe on 22 June 2012, 09:43

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Researchers, students and engineers from Duke University and lens designers from the University of California San Diego, have come up with one monster of camera. The device is capable of capturing 1.4-gigapixels of RAW data at 10fps.

AWARE-2 camera

The 'AWARE-2' is constructed from 98, 14-megapixel, CMOS camera sensors and is currently sized at 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.5m, weighs in at 93kg and consumes 426W of power.

This may seem a little impractical, however, researchers claim that currently, only three per cent of the design is constructed from optical elements and, it's their hope that in five years, the technology will be small enough and fast enough to end up in the hands of consumers.

AWARE-2 Camera details

In the meantime, the group is being funded by DARPA with the aim of producing a scalable mass-production camera for military use. Their next project, the AWARE-10, should see the creation of a 5 to 10 gigapixel camera later this year.

Mind you, the quality isn't perfect and the camera certainly needs some work, head on over to the AWARE's website if you wish to judge for yourselves guys, it's still very impressive.

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You're not going to fit that on the back of a smart phone any time soon. :/
I guess spy drones will soon see what keys you press on your keyboard sooner than I thought ^^:P
I guess spy drones will soon see what keys you press on your keyboard sooner than I thought ^^:P

“They took our juuuuuuuuuuurbs,” says union for keyloggers.
Single pixel = 3.8mm at 1KM, so from space or even a high flying plane that's going to be quite a large area per pixel, larger a keyboard key anyway.
I'm reminded of this line “Apature Science, we do what we must because we can” :)