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Canon to roll out all-new EOS-1D X

by Alistair Lowe on 18 October 2011, 13:57

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Today Canon announced its next-generation DSLR camera, the EOS-1D X.

The previous EOS-1D camera in the series was the IV and so Canon is suggesting big changes by leaping from four to 10 in the product-numbering system. This is certainly backed up by the specs: a completely new, 61-Point Autofocus, fast shooting up to 12fps, 18MP full-frame CMOS sensor, enhanced Full-HD video recording, redesigned button placement and Ethernet connectivity.

Cannon EOS-1D X

This daring move suggests that Canon may have decided to amalgamate the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds series, which was the company's previous full-frame front-runner. The new model takes the full-frame functionality from the 1Ds, albeit at a reduced resolution (dropping from 21MP) and adds the high-speed performance of the 1D, enhanced by two of Canon's new DIGIC 5+ image processors.

Canon claims these new processors have 17 times more processing speed than the previous DIGIC 4 series of processors, enabling functionality such as chromatic aberration correction, on select lenses, to be performed on-camera instead of through post-production software.

Though fewer pixels than the 1Ds, the 1D X employs a new image sensor with a pixel size 1.25 microns larger than the previous 1D IV, allowing for great low-noise performance with a high ISO range, one would think.

This new model is scheduled for release in March 2012 and is expected to retail, lens-free, at $6,800. A wireless add-on device is schedule for release at the same time, retailing at $600, and a GPS receiver is expected April 2012 at a cost of $300. Start saving them pennies.

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That looks awesome. Very pricey too!
Not much use to Joe Average, but this one's no pricier than the outgoing 1Ds Mk III
nice camera. only for the pro's
nice camera. only for the pro's

Nah, I think it's nice too :p