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YouTube experiments with multi-angle video replay

by Mark Tyson on 5 February 2015, 13:05

Tags: YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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YouTube has rolled out its latest experiment, a beta feature which will allow users to view videos from multiple angles. The video streaming goliath has demoed the feature in a video of artist Madilyn Bailey performing at YouTube Music Night in December. The feature allows users to click through a choice of four camera angles as they watch.

Viewers of the demo will be free to switch between all four camera feeds available, without pausing or skipping a beat in the audio. The feature puts viewers in the control booth and has undoubted potential when it comes to concerts and sporting events. The video would of course need to be shot with multiple cameras from different perspectives. Professional broadcasters routinely use an array of cameras and we guess that drones or even crowdsourced videos are likely to be thrown into play once the feature matures.

With the new video tool, YouTube hopes to draw attention from more content creators to its platform. It is designed primarily to increase the time viewers spend on these videos, which in turn corresponds to greater ad revenues, whilst also giving artists more ways to connect with fans by creating more immersive viewing experiences. In addition, YouTube revealed that 360-degree videos will soon receive support on the platform, again, likely hoping that viewers will sit and watch for longer.

Give the demo video a try, and let us know what you think about the new angles feature in the comments below. The beta video feature is still in the testing stages at the moment, but creators can sign up to be part of the experiment here.

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It's amazing
I thought this was already announced and implemented (but not really embraced) a good few years back?

Would be good if it does work out, as so many things would benefit from the viewer controlling the viewing position instead of some annoying cameraman!
It's like 90s dvd porn all over again
I will say this is quite interesting, as it is I will shows from multiple angles and of course edit for best shots, but I could upload to youtube and let them see it however they like.
Would like to see them get HTML5 finished completely and properly, so we can drive another nail in the coffin of Flash. It's not even 0Day exploits anymore - it's more measured in minutes. And their current implementation is still wanting for optimization.