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HANNspree novelty TVs - so bad they're wonderful!

by Bob Crabtree on 30 October 2006, 15:31

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The press release


HANNspree Announces European Launch of 'Kid-Chic' TV Range

26 October 2006

Tune into your child’s personal identity and self expression

BASINGSTOKE – 26th October 2006 - HANNspree ( manufacturers of innovative, high fashion, leading brand LCD monitors today announced the launch of a brand new consumer range of children’s televisions (TV’s) for Europe.

Following on from the hugely successful launch in the US in 2005 and ASIA-PAC in 2004, HANNspree has finally brought these ‘dreamy’ TVs to the UK. The ultimate experience in ‘stylish family viewing, and tipping the style-o-meter scales, these brand new TVs are 100% child friendly, and rooted in design but above all - fun! Perfect for ‘finger on the pulse’ mums and dads keen to express their kids or their own individuality, these TVs have been designed from the umbilical cord and upwards!

Find Yourself in HANNspree
HANNspree’s series of kid-chic TV’s have been designed specifically to help children and consumers ‘self express’. There is a choice of durable, 9.6” TVs - with themed ranges such as the HANNspree.z and Fantasy, - encased in unique surround frames reflecting individuality and personality of the proud owner. The very act of choosing a HANNspree TV, identifies and celebrates personal interests and passions with these extraordinary designs.

The HANNspree.z range of soft LCD TV’s are the only televisions that you or your children will want to hug! With inspiration drawn from childhood memories, imaginative fantasies and favourite bedtime stories, the HANNspree.z range spans a magical selection of domestic, zoo and farmyard animals with their soft bodies encasing a high quality 9.6” LCD. Each animal’s body is made from a soft padded, child friendly, removable and washable material that will withstand sticky hands and chocolate bars - every parents dream!

Express yourself with the following magical TV’s from the HANNSpree.z range:
HANNSz the lion, king of the jungle, man’s best friend
HANNSz.monkey, watch out for your bananas
HANNSz.sheep, woolly jumper
HANNSz.zebra, like those stripes
HANNSz.giraffe, tall order
HANNSz.elephant, never forgets

Also, now available in the UK from the HANNspree Fantasy range is A ripe and ready to pick scrumptious shiny apple complete with stem and 2 green leaves. The 9.6” high quality LCD screen is hidden behind shiny red doors which contain the speakers – open or closed this is a unique addition to the home. Pick one up today!

HANNspree has both great designs and technical prowess. With its parent company being one of the largest LCD panel manufacturers in the world, HANNspree can incorporate the latest innovations in audio and video to ensure powerful home theatre sound and crisp images. HANNspree has had an overwhelming response to its worldwide launch and retail store openings in the USA, Germany, UK, France and Italy and will continue to bring the joys of the HANNspree range to the rest of Europe in the coming months.

Key Features:

9.6" flat screen
Remote control
RF inputs, 4-in-1 input cable (SCA),
headphone jack output
Two 2W + 2W speakers.
16ms response rate
450:1 contrast ratio
800 x 600 SVGA
2 year RTB warranty

And what about the inputs and connections? Everything's there!
Nothing is spared with the options provided in the range of HANNspree LCD displays. Each LCD TV comes with standard inputs including aerial and composite and S-Video connections. Every parents dream come true!

Price and availability
The HANNspree range is available from and each models retails from only £199 inc VAT.

About HANNspree
HANNspree is a leading brand of high-fashion LCD monitors in the European market. Established in June 2003 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, HANNspree is a leading, worldwide manufacturer of LCD solutions, spanning Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the US. The central manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and in China. HANNspree employs more than 800 people as part of its global operation.

European headquarters are based in Germany and the central office sales and marketing organisation from Fremont California. HANNspree also operates from a number of European subsidiaries including UK, Poland, Denmark, France Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Over the coming months, as part of its extensive expansion programme; HANNspree will open a number of exclusive retail stores throughout Europe, the first at the end of September 2006, based in Luxembourg.

HANNspree is committed giving its customers a brand and product range which will set themselves apart from the next person. The product range has been designed so that each and every consumer can create an environment that they can identify with – celebrating their personal style and creativity.

· HANNspree employs more than 800 people across the globe

· HANNspree is the first audio visual product brand in the world
to develop fashionable products with ‘360 degree’ design.

· The US sales and marketing central office opened in 2005 and is
based in Fremont, California

· The European sales and marketing central office is based in
Willich, Germany and opened in January, 2006

· HANNspree opened its first flagship store in Tun-Nan (Taipei) in
October 2004

· Further flagship stores have been opened in the USA in Beverly
Hills (July 2005) and San Francisco (October 2005), Hong Kong (October
2005) and Shang Hai, China (October 2005)

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I want the crab!!! Are the TVs of a decent quality?
Great idea for kids, sadly the pricing is way off the mark imho.

£200 for a 9.6 inch screen? No thanks :)
Is it just me or is there something ever so adult being shown on that apple TV?!?

EDIT - nope just me :embarrassed:
Ha! I thought that too.
Admit crab is cute too.
Keep your eye on Hannspree/Hanns-G, likely to be a big player in the future ;).