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HANNspree novelty TVs - so bad they're wonderful!

by Bob Crabtree on 30 October 2006, 15:31

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The news

HANNspree is a name you've probably not heard of but it produces a range of novelty LCD TV sets that are so appalling that they're wonderful - and they're starting to come available in the UK on Amazon, priced upwards from a pretty stiff £198 including VAT and delivery.

Most of the models that Amazon is selling are 9.6in tellies in HANNspree's Kid-Chic range. This consists of sets embedded in soft outers that are shaped like animals.

The range that Amazon is offering takes in a giraffe, a lion, an elephant, a sheep, a monkey, a zebra and a dog. For reasons best known to itself, though, Amazon appears not to be stocking some of our faves - a crab, a pig, a rhino and a tortoise.

It is, however, selling HANNspree's eye-catching apple-shaped 9.6in set, plus a wood-look model of the same size and some larger novelty sets with 12in and 15in screens.

Astonishingly, Amazon UK's site has no images of the HANNspree sets and, until it does, we'd guess it's going to sell very few.

However, for your edification and delight, we've got some shots we took at the recent IFA show in Berlin - including one of the ultimate bad-taste TV set, a big widescreen fire-engine model! Click on any of the images to zoom in. HANNspree itself also has some great images on its European site.

HANNspree Kid-Chic TV range

HANNspree apple TV set - partly closed

HANNspree apple TV set - open

HANNspree fire-engine TV set

We've included HANNspree's press release about the Kid-Chic range on page two, so check that out for specs, then share your thoughts with us in this thread in the forum.

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