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BRAVIA TV firmware update adds YouTube HD and Twitter

by Steven Williamson on 5 December 2011, 11:57

Tags: SONY UK (T.V)

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A new firmware update for specific Sony BRAVIA TVs has landed today, adding a host of new features aimed at making social networking more efficient and YouTube watching more pleasurable.

The update applies to a variety of newer models only (see list below) and includes the option to now watch YouTube videos in HD. Rather than staring at a small box on the screen, viewers can now also view Facebook videos and photos on the full screen.

The biggest new feature is the Twitter Ticker, which displays rolling updates of Tweets across the bottom of the screen. Sony has also implemented its Track ID feature into Twitter. So, if you hear a song you like, you can press Track ID on your remote and then post the resulting song and artist to your Twitter account.

Other updates include the option to plug in your laptop and use the remote lite keyboard app for text entry – a feature that was previously restricted to Vaio PCs and Xperia smartphones.

Providing you own one of the following models, the update is available through internet-connected TVs. However, firmware updates are also available from the Sony Support website, where you can transfer them via USB.

The update applies to the following models only: CX520, CX523, EX320, EX523, EX524, EX723, EX724, NX723, HX723, HX823 and HX923.

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Oh how I checked that list in hope… :(
I'd better get me tv back online then I suppose. :-)
Yeah my BRAVIA TV doesn't qualify either…boooo