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Kodak’s new Easyshare emails images to digital photo frame

by Scott Bicheno on 9 January 2010, 00:38

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Kodak’s back

Remember Kodak? The camera giant that missed the digital revolution is coming up with some novel ideas to claw back some market share.

At CES 2010 Kodak was showing off a new Easyshare camera family that puts the emphasis on distributing images straight from the device.

When you take a photo with the Easyshare you can request that it's uploaded to not just Kodak's own photo sharing site, but Facebook and Flickr too or, if it's video, YouTube. However, this only happens once you sync the camera with your PC.

The feature that pleased us the most, however, was the ability to send photos straight to a newly launched Pulse digital picture frame, which is Wi-Fi enabled and has its own email address. So when you sync the camera, it emails the images to the picture frame and they instantly appear. Cool, eh?

Incidentally, Kodak was also being innovative with its stand at the show, using a number of Microsoft Surface table top touchscreen to demonstrate the new products.




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