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Burglar steals notebook, brags on victim's Facebook account

by Parm Mann on 17 August 2009, 15:08

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A shameless burglar has logged on to the Facebook account of a victim to gloat about stolen goods - including a notebook, an iPhone and a Nintendo DS games console.

42-year-old Victoria Richardson was burgled last week at her family home in Hove, East Sussex. The next day, she logged on to her Facebook account, only to find that her assailant had been using her Toshiba notebook to post belittling messages on her profile.

Showing no sign of remorse, the burglar posted messages stating "on my new laptop" and "listening to music on my new phone feels so good".

Further rubbing salt into the victim's wounds, the burglar adds that Richardson's TV wasn't worth stealing, and that many stolen items may end up at a pawn shop. The insulting messages were concluded with "regards your nighttime burglar".

Speaking after the incident, Richardson said she felt "spooked", adding that the incident had been "really degrading". Sussex Police have confirmed that a thorough investigation is under way.

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they could request the IP, talk to the ISP and get an address assuming he used his own internet.
they could request the IP, talk to the ISP and get an address assuming he used his own internet.

I hope they do. And then when he gets to court, I hope the Judge adds a good bit onto his sentence for this!
internal GPS and a script that uploads location would be fantastic at this point, whenever conencted to the internet just tricke feed the GPS position of the laptop… a log file of the last month wouldnt be too big…

I hope they catch the cocky prick that did this… not only does the victim have a burglary to get over, they are now being stalked (to a degree) on thier own facebook account :(
Only in the UK would a burglar be so confident in the crappy police system that he would do that.

If I was in the division that deals with stolen goods, I would feel a little embarassed actually.
total scum, even if they did get caught in this country they would probably escape prison and given a slap on the wrist.