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Futuremark Debuts SPMark For Symbian OS v9

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Press Release

Enables independent performance testing and comparison of the latest Symbian smartphones

Espoo, Finland - May 9, 2007

Futuremark Corporation, the industry leading provider of system performance analysis software and services for cell phones, handhelds and PCs today announced the general availability of SPMark for Symbian OS v9.

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 is the most comprehensive benchmark for modern smartphones. The product works on the latest Symbian OS(tm) devices, and enables users to professionally measure and compare performance across various smartphones and workloads.

SPMark gives an easy-to-understand SPMark score for Symbian OS v9 smartphones which is fully comparable with scores obtained from other supported devices running the same software. The benchmark is immediately available in 2 different versions:

* Free end-user/consumer version that includes 3D gaming and theoretical tests for 3D performance evaluation

* Pro version that additionally includes system tests for Symbian applications (e.g. calendar and contacts database), customizable test runs and a battery test.

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 is a new product in the SPMark series of Symbian OS benchmarks. The first product, SPMark04, was released in 2004 and supports Symbian OS v6.x, v7.x and v8.x smartphones.

Both SPMark for Symbian OS v9 and SPMark04 contain the same system tests, making it easy to compare the two results.

"Mobile operators, mobile media and even consumers can now use our SPMark for Symbian OS v9 benchmark to measure and compare the performance, usefulness, and power consumption between a wide range of smartphones including the latest Symbian OS phones from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, LG and Samsung", said Petri Talala, Vice President, Mobile Business for Futuremark Corp.

"Increasingly, consumers are choosing high performance phones with rich multimedia application support for cool graphics. Symbian is working with the industry to enable mobile handset manufacturers to use the latest and greatest graphics and multimedia acceleration technology" said Mike Whittingham, Vice President, Ecosystem Development for Symbian. "Futuremark's SPMark enables the whole industry to evaluate the performance and usefulness of new hardware with the real-world application content and system level tests that will be appearing on Symbian OS v.9x smartphones."