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Maplin launches free Wi-Fi service in its stores

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The WiFi service, due to be fully installed by the end of August, will allow customers to read product reviews online, check-in, or discuss their purchases on Facebook or Twitter, while Maplin will be able to provide a more personalised service to customers based on their browsing and shopping experiences, including cross selling a range of tailored products and promotions via the branded WiFi landing page.

Research from industry regulator Ofcom shows that over 50% of adults now own a smartphone, so the demand for consumer electronics and internet access in-store is soaring. Recent research has found that 60% of shoppers have used the mobile internet while in stores, and 78% would use free WiFi in stores if it was offered.**

Vince Russell, managing director of The Cloud, said: "As tablet and smartphone penetration continues to climb, customers increasingly demand great connectivity wherever they are. Our partnership with Maplin indicates how far WiFi has come and the extent that retailers are embracing it. We're excited at the prospect of delivering new and innovative services for them and more importantly their customers."

Chantelle Roach, marketing manager, at Maplin said: "Consumers are becoming incredibly tech savvy as the range of gadgets on the high street expands.  Increasing numbers of our customers carry mobile devices, wherever they are. As a result, WiFi in store has become a consumer expectation rather than a luxury. Retailers need to embrace it or risk losing out."

**Research from On Device Research, February 2012

About Maplin

Maplin is a specialist retailer of consumer electronics. Its national network of 200 stores in the UK and Ireland are a goldmine of useful consumer technologies and gadgets, with over 15,000 different products.

As the specialists in consumer electronics, Maplin is proud to offer the best and most informed customer advice on the high street.  Its team of over 2000 customer centric  staff help thousands of customers make informed choices about technology purchases each and every day; from technology enthusiasts, to complete novices.

The company was launched by two technology enthusiasts in 1972 who were frustrated by the lack of good quality electronics components, Maplin quickly became the experts' choice, with a reputation for the best product range and expertise. Though the company has grown massively since launching over thirty years ago, its reputation as the UK's only true experts in consumer electronics is still at the heart of Maplin today.

Customers can purchase from Maplin at 200 stores in the UK and Ireland, the Maplin catalogue, order over the phone on 0844 557 6000, or by visiting www.maplin.co.uk.