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ASUS Announces H1 LED Projector

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LONDON, United Kingdom | May 6, 2021 — ASUS today announced the H1 LED projector, featuring a bright 3000‑lumen LED light source that enables it to project up to 200‑inch (diagonal) FHD visuals. With its RGB LED light source and 125% Rec.709 and sRGB colour gamut, H1 delivers images that are perceived to be brighter, sharper and more saturated than conventional lamp‑based projectors.

H1 offers a superfast refresh rate of up to 120 Hz to deliver ultrasmooth gaming experiences. It also offers useful features such as a LAN port that supports the Crestron RoomView® Express network control software, as well as a 10‑watt speaker for more engaging multimedia presentations.

Long‑lasting LED light source with outstanding brightness

ASUS H1 features a 3000‑lumen LED light source, with a 125% Rec.709 and sRGB colour gamut, enabling it to project bright, vibrant and crisp FHD (1920 x 1080) image for attention‑grabbing presentations, theatre-quality videos and movies, plus incredibly immersive gaming experiences. The LED light source in H1 has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours — 10 times that of traditional lamp projectors that have a 3000‑hour lifespan.

Ready for immersive next‑gen entertainment

ASUS H1 is able to project up to 200‑inch (diagonal) FHD imagery, making it ideal for use in the home for entertainment. Along with being a great solution for movies and videos, the superfast 120 Hz refresh rate enables H1 to deliver ultrasmooth 1080p next‑gen gaming on an epic scale. The visuals are complemented by a 10‑watt built‑in speaker to elevate viewing experiences. In addition, a 1.2X zoom ratio allows users to easily optically zoom in and out of images.

Perfect for the home or office

ASUS H1 offers a variety of user‑friendly connectivity options, including two HDMI 2.0 ports that support 4K content, a VGA connector, audio input and output, RS232 and one USB Type‑A port with 5 V / 1.5 A output to power and charge devices. The RJ45 Ethernet port is compatible with Crestron RoomView Express to make it easy to centrally manage up to 250 projectors on the same network, so H1 is ideal for offices or educational institutions.

With its elegant design and premium feel, H1 is unlike any other portable projector and blends itself well with any home or office décor, whether mounted on a ceiling or placed on a desk. It also includes a sleek and compact remote for added convenience.


Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.