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MiTAC unveils new Mio Cyclo™ 200 at Eurobike 2015

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New entry model gives value for money for every recreational cyclist

26/08/2015 – MiTAC Europe launches the Mio Cyclo™ 200 at Eurobike 2015 today. The Cyclo 200 is the new entry model to the Mio Cyclo range and is designed to improve the cycling experience for recreational riders. The device is easy to use, comes with pre-installed OpenStreetMaps and includes Mio’s unique Surprise Me™ functionality. It is available in stores today with a recommended retail price of £149.99.

Harold Cobben, Sales Director B2C at MiTAC Europe, says: “The new Cyclo 200 completes our Cyclo range. Market research shows the cycling market demands an entry model; a basic user-friendly navigation device that will help the recreational cyclist from A to B. Many cyclists don’t need a fully featured, connected bike computer; they just want to trust a navigation device to get them home on a route of interest that is customised to their bicycle type. The Cyclo 200 meets these demands and is the perfect companion for cyclists using an e-bike, or couples cycling on a warm summer day.”

Easily navigate from A to B or use the unique Surprise Me™ feature

The Mio Cyclo™ 200 has 3.5” flat screen and an intuitive interface with only six large buttons. It allows the user to navigate easily from A to B by simply inputting an address, similar to car navigation.

It comes with the Cyclo series’ latest software, including the unique Mio Surprise Me™ feature. Surprise Me™ offers cyclists three cycle routes based on time or distance entered. It’s the ideal solution for anyone who’s not familiar with an area, for example while on holiday. There is no need to prepare beforehand: simply press “Surprise Me” and three options are given on the spot. And before choosing the route of the day, the user is able to see the difficulty level and detailed elevation graphs per route, to make an informed decision. And thanks to the pre-installed OpenStreetMaps, the device is ready to go right out of the box.

Cobben continues: “This entry model ensures that MiTAC covers the needs of all cyclists. With the Cyclo 315 and 505, we offer high-end products for performance driven cyclists, whose goal is to monitor and improve performance. The 310 and 500 are perfectly suited for the recreational cyclist who wants to enjoy the benefits of a premium, fully featured device. Now, The Cyclo 200 is the ideal companion for those who enjoy cycling and want a quality navigation device at value for money.”

Download routes

With the desktop application the user can manage their route history and share experiences with friends. This tool also allows the user to download routes and search for tracks; a GPX-file can be easily downloaded to the Cyclo 200.

Safety first

The Cyclo 200 is also equipped with the smart “Where am I” feature, which displays real-time location information. In case of an emergency, this function can give current address, along with longitude and latitude.

Thanks to bicycle specific pre-installed points of interests (POIs), such as emergency locations and bicycle shops and restaurants, the Cyclo 200 makes it easy to locate refreshments, find a new tire or help in the case of an emergency.

The turn-by-turn navigation effortlessly guides the user, indicating every instruction with a sound alert to ensure eyes are kept on the road. With a simple menu structure and clear on-screen buttons, the Mio Cyclo™ 200 offers true ease of use and perfect value for money.

The key features of the Mio Cyclo™ 200:

  • Easy and user friendly navigation – large control buttons and simple menu structure
  • OpenStreetMaps pre-installed – ready to go right out of the box
  • Surprise Me™ feature – just choose time or distance and the Mio Cyclo™ will offer three surprise routes to choose from
  • Turn-by-turn instructions – clear guidance with a sound alert to indicate every instruction
  • Where am I – displays the user’s exact location. In case of emergency, this function shows current address, along with longitude and latitude
  • Desktop application – one tool to easily manage the device, download new routes and share experiences
  • Long-life rechargeable batteries – up to 10 hours performance
  • Water resistant (IPX5) – find your way in every weather

Availability and recommended retail price Mio Cyclo™ 200:

The Mio Cyclo™ 200 is available now at all good bike stores and is distributed by Raleigh. The recommended retail price is £149,99 and it comes with Western Europe OpenStreetMaps pre-installed.

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