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Innergie LifeHub™ - Be Powered and Comfortable All At Once Mobile USB Power Hub with Extended Reach

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Berlin, September 6, 2013: Innergie, the award winning manufacturer of consumer power solutions, announce the launch of the new LifeHubTM at IFA 2013. How often have you been travelling and the lead from your charger is not long enough? Now think about your scenario at home - have you moved the furniture just to get the cable to reach because you need power to charge your devices, not just your own but everyone else's? Now Innergie has a solution with the unique and versatile LifeHubTM, a mobile USB power hub that allows you the freedom to charge 3 devices where you need them in your home. No more sitting cramped and uncomfortable next to a power socket when you're low on power! With three high-power 2.1 Amp ultra-fast charging USB ports and 9.8 foot (3 meters) extended reach, LifeHub enables you to charge any combination of tablets, smartphones, or mobile devices at the same time when and where you want to sit.

  • Be powered and comfortable all at once - No more sitting cramped next to an outlet when you're low on power! LifeHub lets you to use your mobile devices when and where you're comfortable.
  • Mobile USB Hub - With a 9.8 foot (3 meters) extended reach, LifeHub allows you the freedom to be powered anytime and anywhere you want
  • Three ultra-fast charging USB power ports - Three high-power 2.1 Amp USB ports capable of fast charging any combination of tablets, smartphones, or mobile devices at the same time efficiently.
  • Unique, stylish design and CableCradle Manager - LifeHub features a stylish design that stores easily on the CableCradle Manager which neatly organizes the LifeHub cable.
  • Built-In InnerShieldTM Power Protection - Integrated short circuit, over temperature, over current, and over voltage protections for reliable and efficient performance with over 10,000 portable devices.
  • Integrated GreenSenseTM Technology - Smart technology that makes sense - GreenSenseTM technology incorporates high performance, energy efficiency, and power saving for a greener, cleaner planet.

The LifeHubTM will be available in Europe from January 2014 for a suggested price of €79.99

Included in Packaging

  • LifeHub mobile USB power hub
  • CableCradle Manager
  • Power adapter
  • AC power cord
  • User manual and warranty

To learn more about Innergie and its line of consumer power solutions, visit

About Innergie

Innergie is a leading provider of consumer power products and power solutions.

Founded in 2008, Innergie builds on the heritage of Delta Group, a world leader in power management with nearly 40 years of advanced technical experience. With operations in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and China, Innergie is truly a multinational company with an international outlook. Innergie focuses solely on consumer power, and its expertise in compact power technology enables it to design and produce energy-efficient and innovative power solutions. With easy-to-use consumer power products and universal power solutions, Innergie is dedicated to keeping people around the world powered and connected every day, everywhere.