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Essential ‘line-up’ of festival gadgets

Tags: Scosche, OverBoard

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The summer is fast approaching (we hope) which means festival season is upon us. Here is a selection of kit that will keep festival goers powered up, dry and in the party mood.

Scosche boomCAN, £19.99 -

The powerful Scosche boomCAN speaker is perfect for those festival goers who want to keep the party going from the campsite. No bigger than a fun size can of Coke, the boomCAN won't take up much room in a backpack yet really packs a punch with a 40mm driver pumping out big sound. Compatible with most mobile phones and media players, its rechargeable battery provides up to seven hours of music playback. Available in red, silver, black and blue.

Scosche solBAT II, £23.95 -

The solar powered Scosche solBAT II will help keep USB powered devices (iPhones, phones, portable speakers etc) charged up when away from home comforts for days at a time. The Scosche back-up battery has a 1500mAh lithium ion battery that will power up a phone at least twice making it easy for festival goers to keep in touch with friends and check the weather online before trekking miles to the main stage. 

OverBoard Pro-Sports Backpacks, 20L (blue & yellow) £47.50, 30L (black & red) £57.49  -

OverBoard's Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack is 100 per cent waterproof thanks to its high frequency electronically welded construction, meaning that if this festival season turns wet, fans gear will remain safe and dry. Padded shoulder straps, comfortable lumbar support and an optional waist strap make the Pro-Sports backpack ideal for watching the line-up all day long.

The backpack provides a great deal of storage for items such as drinks, a change of dry clothes and mobile phone, so festival goers won't have to keep trekking back to the tent. Adopting a two-way closure system (top or side) for added security, this backpack offers peace of mind when in party mode.

OverBoard Dry Tube Bags, available in a range of sizes and colours, from £10.99 -

OverBoard's Dry Tube Bags are made from a durable waterproof tarpaulin, providing ultimate protection whatever the weather. The bags can also double up as an ice bucket, drinks cooler, or even a pillow, perfect for chilling out between each act or adding that extra bit of comfort to a night in a tent. The bags are available in 5, 12, 20, 30 and 40 litres sizes.

OverBoard Waterproof iPhone case, £15.99 -

The OverBoard iPhone case is 100 per cent waterproof in up to six meters of water, so music fans can use their phone to find their friends in the crowds or order more beer - even when it's raining. The front clear panel enables full use of all touch screen controls, so users can make and take calls through the case, while the clear back panel allows music fans to capture photos and video of their favourite acts. Specially designed to protect the iPhone, the OverBoard iPhone case will also fit many similar sized mobile phones. Available in blue or black. 

OverBoard Waterproof Camera Case, £15.99 and Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case, £19.99 -

The Waterproof camera cases from OverBoard allow festival goers to record video or take photographs of their favourite bands come rain or shine. The cases provide 100% protection against water, dust, mud or whatever else the weather throws at it. These cases are made from flexible and transparent TPU material that will float to the surface should a user accidently drop it in a puddle. Available for cameras with or without a zoom lens, they ensure festivalgoers never miss a picture.