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Minut - the home sensor that protects both property and privacy

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London, 1 April, 2020: Swedish tech company, Minut, has developed an all-in-one home sensor for the short term rental market offering peace of mind with noise monitoring, home insights and a smart home alarm. The device is easy to install, packed full of sensors with mobile access and instant alerts. 

Minut is committed to making sharing beneficial for everyone, ensuring that every shared home and neighbourhood feels safe to both guest and host, as well as for homeowners, renters and neighbours. Their aim is for privacy in the home to be protected and allow there to be security without surveillance, so that guests can relax and hosts can feel confident that their property is safe. 

Minut helps hosts to be fully informed and manage unpredictable situations which may arise. Using the Minut app, hosts are able to receive real-time home analytics on sound, motion, temperature and humidity in their property, from anywhere in the world. This valuable information gives hosts the ability to help prevent loud parties, look after their home and build trust with neighbours. Never at the price of guests’ privacy, Minut uses camera-free technology and on-device sound-recognition, which means no personal information is ever picked-up and no conversation is ever recorded.

Minut CEO Nils Mattissoncommented, “From the beginning, Minut has approached security differently. Privacy in the home has always been central to our approach and we have developed the Minut home sensor with privacy first in mind. We are proud to offer a solution for hosts to make sure their properties are being protected and help them to prevent unwanted noise concerns in the neighborhood, while still prioritising the privacy of their guests staying in them. We strongly believe that sharing should work for everyone and ultimately it comes down to a feeling of trust. Trust that your property, privacy and neighborhood are being protected.”

Key Features:

Sound Level Measurement - Act quickly and avoid neighbour complaints

Temperature – Ensure the environment stays pleasant for guests and safe for the property

Alarm Recognition – Alerts hosts to emergencies 

Movement - Know if there is motion where -- and when -- there shouldn't be 

Mould Risk – To ensure properties are healthy

Tampering - Keeping the home sensor where it should be

Protect your home, your neighbours’ peace and quiet and your guests’ privacy with Minut. 

Dashboard and App

With a subscription plan, a multi-home dashboard is available which allows hosts to

 keep tabs on their entire property portfolio. The dashboard includes historical data to challenge false complaints. The easy to use app allows for users to be added and can be installed by any team member. Instant real time sound level alerts can be sent to the app enabling users to act quickly and avoid neighbour complaints. The app also features a chat function between users.

Kristijan from Dreamstay Rentals commented, “Minut has made running our short term rentals much easier and less worrisome. Minut has become an irreplaceable tool for my business.”

The Minut all-in-one home sensor is available in the UK through Minut.com and Amazon UK for £129.

About Minut:

Minut is on a mission to make sharing work for everyone, because we believe sharing – spaces, stories, mutual understanding and respect – is what makes us human.

Minut believes in being good neighbours, wherever we are. Minut offers products and services for the short term rental market that help guests, hosts and neighbours get along. Easy-to-use, quick to install, and affordable, Minut’s home sensor ensures sharing homes is good for everyone, including communities.

Minut was founded by four Swedes working in China and San Francisco. Today we are 35 technologists, engineers, inventors and social scientists, from eight nationalities, working across Sweden, the UK and the US. 15000 people are using Minut to make their lives easier and 3500+ cities in 120 countries are benefiting from Minut.

For more information, visit Minut.com