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Twelve South introduces the Curve SE notebook stand

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20th February, 2020, London – Twelve South today introduces the Curve SE notebook stand in matte white. The ultimate partnership of style and functionality, not only does it perfectly match clean modern office spaces and the aesthetics of many Apple accessories such as the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, it also has an improved ergonomic design. With the Curve SE, users no longer have to hunch over and tilt their head downwards towards a screen, they can easily elevate their MacBook to a healthier, more comfortable height, relieving neck and shoulder strain in the process.

Offering multiple uses, the Curve SE can be paired with a full-sized keyboard and mouse for a convenient desktop setup or used with a monitor for dual screen functionality. Its minimal design uses a single piece of aluminum which allows for 70% of the base to be exposed for optimal cooling. Anti-slip silicone pads and bent arms keep the laptop in place and prevent scratches.

Andrew Green, founder & designer at Twelve South comments; “While others may chase the latest colour of MacBook, we continue to look for better ways to integrate your work tools into your work space. Desktop accessories - especially MacBook stands - are inherently home decor. They should match your room, your style, your desk and complement (not copy) your MacBook. Our latest solution, while deceptively simple, is a beautiful matte white MacBook stand we call Curve SE.” 

The Twelve South Curve SE is available now for £49.99 at Amazon.co.uk. It’s also available in black.

About Twelve South:

Twelve South has been designing beautiful accessories for Apple products since 2009. We love inventing surprising new ways to complement and enhance the customer’s experience with their Apple devices. Twelve South is distributed in over 100 countries but is still run by a small team of only about 20 people. We are dedicated to the Apple fanatics, because we are Apple fanatics!