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Compulocks launches custom-designed cable lock slot

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Compulocks’ smart add-on helps students, professionals, and freelancers prevent both private data and $2.800 laptop theft.

Compulocks, the world-renowned hardware security specialist, is once again the first to market a custom-designed laptop security lock slot: the MacBook Pro 16" Ledge.

It’s the most secure - and only - MacBook Pro 16” security lock on the market.

As the worlds first ever security lock for MacBook Pro 16”, this custom-built lock gives a user’s new device something that not even Apple provides: a secure way to lock it and prevent theft. 

It’s super easy to install, requiring no external adhesives or alterations to the device.

The Ledge Lock adapter fits seamlessly and discreetly onto the MacBook Pro, and is compatible with all standard T-bar cable locks, such as straight or coiled keyed cable locks and combination cable locks.

About Compulocks

Providing innovative, industry-leading security and display hardware solutions, Compulocks strengthens customers' experience with their custom-made, in-house designed hardware security solutions.

Partnering with a range of diverse industries, from small business to Fortune 500 enterprise, no hardware security solution is too challenging for Compulocks to secure.