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LIFX brings ‘smarter light’ to the whole home with broader range

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LIFX announces new app, new products, new partnerships and new parent at Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas

LONDON (January 7, 2020) -- LIFX is lighting the stage for Smart Home LED at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas by debuting game changing new products, a new app, new partnership integrations and a new owner in Buddy Technologies in a fully immersive Sky Suite at Aria. These announcements cumulate to a renewed focus on being smarter with light to solve customer problems and enhance everyday life.


  1. LIFX Filament White In store: Spring 2020/ Target RRP: USD $29.99

The new LIFX Filament range represents the growing trend towards vintage Edison-type smart lights. Debuting at CES will be ST64 Teardrop (to be followed by G95 Globe) with “Sticks” LEDs. LIFX will launch smokey, amber and clear glass versions, making it a broader range of options than most. The bulbs are a single warm white. 

These are particularly common in pendant lighting fixtures, and outside of a home environment are increasingly found in retail and hospitality venues. These filament-style bulbs are built upon the same technology platform as the rest of the LIFX range and support all voice assistants, cloud connectivity and remote on/off and dimming functionality. 

It’s no secret that vintage style filament ‘Edisons’ are popular, so we have tried to remain faithful to the classic look, but have ensured the utmost quality, whilst also offering consumers the choice of finish. We see these being as popular in the shop or restaurant as they are in the home,” Norbert Herrmann, Vice President LIFX.

  1. LIFX Switch In store: Spring 2020 / $119.99 [pre-order $99.99]

This four-gang switch is a game changer in the world of smart LEDs. It helps customers - and their not-so-tech-hungry partners - control both dumb and smart (LIFX) lights. The LIFX Switch, can also control unconnected lights, as it has the LIFX Control Module inside which gives it cloud connectivity allowing for scheduling, voice control and more.

The LIFX Switch is just the first of more control solutions to come in 2020. Through both strategic partnership and new projects, we are committed to being the leader in smart control” Dave McLauchlan, CEO LIFX.

  1. LIFX Z TV 360˚Kit & LIFX Z Gamer Kit In store: Spring 2020 

Target RRPs: Z TV 360˚Kit = USD $99.99 and Z Gamer Kit = $69.99

Extending the “Z” range of LIFX LED strips, comes the Z TV 360˚ Kit and the Z Gamer Kit which are designed to adhere to the back of TVs and gaming monitors. The “360˚” includes corner connectors and optimum length LED strip pieces to run along the edge of the TV. This compares to the “Z TV” launched in 2019 which is a single 1m strip to simply run along the back horizontally. 

Z has enjoyed the most growth in our range mix in 2019. It seems the unique value of Polychrome Technology™, coupled with the rich effects in the app, have been recognised by consumers. Hence the introduction of new specific use-case-based variants,” David Kavanagh, Director of Growth Products, LIFX

  1. Candle White to Warm In store: Spring 2020 / Target RRP: USD $29.99

LIFX Candle White to Warm will join the previously announced LIFX Candle Color as a tunable white model in the Candle range. Using the LIFX app or any of the popular voice assistants to adjust the light from the same cool white to warm white of the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk product.


“APP 4”: A new look laying the foundation for stand-out user experiences

The new LIFX App, launching mid January 2020, is a completely new App experience, based on customer surveys and feedback designed to reduce the number of steps to get where you're going, and to shift focus up - from your phone to your home. 

With a modern and more friendly design, it is optimised for three common users. 

  1. The Scheduler” - Scheduling and automation are users’ number one reason for investing in smart lights, so the new Schedules page makes creating and viewing your schedules easy. 
  2. The Whole-Home User” - The Dashboard now contains groups, and those groups can be controlled from the dashboard itself. 
  3. The On-Demand user” - This person likes one-touch flexibility, but for pre-programmed actions. That’s why the Scenes & Effects now exists, which remembers your saved actions, and includes favourites, just like the dashboard.

Other notable features of the redesigned App:

  • Personalize your dashboard with photos for Groups - choose functional room image, or just multiple photos of your cat. It’s up to you.
  • The Discover tab helps you navigate helpful content and LIFX products.
  • Foundation laid for future releases which will include even more UX advancements.

“It’s wise to review and innovate the user experience before it begins to lose relevance, not after, ” Rachel Wilson, Director of Design LIFX. 


  • Razer Launched the LIFX Chroma Connector in November 2019

The LIFX Chroma Connector is an integration that allows users to connect the LIFX range of Smart Lighting products to Razer Chroma devices and enabled games for an immersive experience.

“Credible voices in the smart lighting industry consider LIFX to be the best when it comes to color reproduction” states the LIFX Marketing Director, Sam Moore. “That’s why the gaming community has been asking for this integration, and why we’re so excited to show off our rich array of billions - not millions - of colors for gamers”.

  • Brilliant Smart Home control: launched native integration in August. More info.
  • Sevenhugs Smart Remote: Launched native integration in August. Release.
  • Flic: Successful .com bundling from Black Friday. Now exploring product collab. 


In March 2020, LIFX was acquired by Buddy Group, now called Buddy Technologies (ASX:BUD). Buddy is a leader in energy monitoring to make spaces smarter. The combination of the LIFX Control Module (LCM) (with advanced app and cloud support) plus the energy monitoring and commercial side of Buddy have already unlocked opportunities. These capabilities mean that Buddy Group/LIFX can truly explore how to achieve Smarter Light, and look to solutions for customers, not only LED lights.


If you haven’t heard, LIFX make smart lights. Colorful, automated, Wi-Fi, voice-activated ones. One bulb is all that’s needed to get started, so dipping a toe in the water is easy. There’s no need for an expensive starter kit with accessories, a bridge or a router. Just an internet connection. Founded in Melbourne with the help of kickstarter, LIFX is now the second largest seller of smart lights in the world. LIFX is available online at lifx.com and leading retailers.