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Airthings Makes Waves with Wave Mini

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The Norwegian brand’s latest innovation represents an ideal first step for anyone looking to take control of their indoor air quality

London, 10th October 2019: Airthings, specialists in indoor air quality and producers of the best-selling digital radon detectors on the market, today announces the launch of its newest smart air quality monitor, Wave Mini. The latest addition to Airthings’ growing ecosystem of devices, Wave Mini, is an expertly-crafted air quality monitor that comes with an affordable entry-level price tag, making it a perfect starting point for any homeowner or renter looking to gain insight into the quality of their indoor air or as an addition to their smart home system. 

Indoor environments and temperatures can have a long-term impact on our health and the team at Airthings is passionate about raising awareness of what homeowners can do to improve their indoor quality. This can vary significantly from room to room as well as being impacted by other variables including seasons, weather and behavioural factors so it is vital to keep key living areas and bedrooms monitored with a convenient device like the Wave Mini. The company has worked alongside and donated regularly to support the work of the American Lung Association and has now also partnered with the British Lung Foundation to further educate UK families on how what we breathe indoors can impact our long-term health and welfare.

Wave Mini is a small product with the ability to make a big impact. As an extension of Airthings’ existing product line of smart radon detectors and air quality monitors, including the award winning Wave Plus and the brand’s flagship Wave, the Wave Mini provides insights into three critical air components: total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), temperature, and humidity, allowing users to visualise any changes in air quality or comfort levels in every room of the home at an affordable price that makes it accessible to all. VOCs are common toxins and potentially-harmful chemicals that are omnipresent in indoor environments, typically caused by human-made pollutants such as aerosol sprays, paints, fumes, cleaning products and even humans themselves. With the average person spending 90% of their time indoors, gaining insight into air quality contaminants and being able to take action with simple steps like opening a window or turning on a fan can dramatically impact and improve the air we breathe and therefore our comfort, mood and most importantly, our health. Airthings believe that everyone should have the knowledge and skills required to improve the air quality inside their home and provide this to users in a simple format that will be easy to incorporate into daily life.

“We believe that if you breathe better, you live better. Many believe the air in their home is clean, however as asthma and allergy numbers rise, our mission to deliver affordable, user-friendly products that improve health and comfort through air quality awareness, becomes even more important and the Wave Mini will help us achieve that goal,” said Øyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “We wanted to introduce the world to a cost-effective, easy-to-use device that meets the superior quality standards we set for all of our products, and we’re excited to see the Wave Mini begin impacting people’s lives for the better. For anyone looking to gain insight into the air inside their home, Wave Mini is the perfect place to start.”

Viewing current and historical measurements is easy with the free Airthings mobile app and online dashboard where users can gain a full understanding of the air quality levels in every room, giving the power to take the most effective action. The Airthings Wave family of products connect using Bluetooth or Airthings Smartlink to the Airthings Hub, and integrate with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and most recently, Google Assistant, allowing for a fully customisable smart home experience. In addition, localised outdoor air quality data is now available for all Wave family users.  Airthings knows the value of also knowing outdoor air quality levels to make informed decisions on ventilation therefore they have partnered with BreezoMeter, the leaders in outdoor air pollution data. "There's a really strong connection between the air we breathe outside and that which we breathe inside: indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than pollution outdoors. By providing users with location-based ambient air quality information in real-time, Airthings can ensure its products provide customers with the fullest picture possible, while enabling their users to make the most informed decisions for their health,” said Ran Korber, BreezoMeter CEO and co-founder.

The launch of the Wave Mini comes after the company’s significant success with Wave Plus which received the prestigious accolade of being named an Honoree for CES’ 2019 Innovation Awards, representing the most impactful and ground-breaking technology products released in 2018. In addition, Radonmap.com, which is the first and most comprehensive real-time view into global radon levels was launched by the company last year displaying the commitment of the company to improving education and knowledge of air quality for all

By launching the Wave Mini, Airthings continues to establish its position and reputation as a trusted worldwide leader in the rapidly-growing smart home indoor air quality sector. The Airthings Wave Mini is available for RRP of £79 from Airthings and Amazon [£69.50 currently]. 

To find more information on Radon, indoor air pollutants and why long-term monitoring is important, visit Airthings website at www.airthings.com

About Airthings:

Airthings is a Norway-based tech company that develops and manufactures both professional and consumer facing technology. These products have completely changed the way people monitor and analyse radon and other dangerous indoor air pollutants. Founded in 2008, the company’s products have made radon detection easy to deploy, accurate, and user friendly – all of which are current challenges with other solutions on the market. Airthings is on a mission to ensure people around the world take control of their indoor air quality (IAQ) through simple, affordable and accurate solutions. For more information, visit www.airthings.com/us.