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Activ5 Smart Fitness Device Now Available

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London, (September 26, 2019) – Activbody, Inc., a health and fitness product innovator, is excited to announce that their flagship product, a portable isometric strength-training device Activ5, is now available at apple.com and in select UK Apple Stores. 

The Activ5 is unique because, with its companion training app, users are able to access and track their activity from over a hundred personalised 5-minute strength-training workouts and exercises that can be performed anywhere.

Activ5 recently announced an Apple Watch app and the adoption of HealthKit. The app includes exercise and heart rate tracking and calculates energy burned. With HealthKit, users will be able to see the data tracked on Apple Watch in the Apple Health app on iPhone.  

“We are experiencing phenomenal interest and growth globally due to the effectiveness of Activ5, and our ongoing commitment to meaningful, customer-centric enhancements including our recent Apple Watch app announcement,” said Dan Stevenson, CEO of Activbody.

About ActivBody

Activbody is a consumer electronics and software-driven company developing health and wellness
solutions that leverage its portfolio of patented technologies. Activbody aspires to keep the world active through fitness and health technologies designed to make exercise fun, convenient and trackable. A revolution in daily fitness, athletic performance and rehabilitation, Activ5 is a first-of-its-kind, wireless-enabled, force measurement device that can be used as an evaluation tool or an isometric-based strength training device that coaches users through short duration, low impact, full body workouts while quantifying muscle activity. Activbody was born out of founder Dr. Kosta Yanev’s desire to create fitness and wellness solutions that could help him integrate regular exercise into his life. Learn more about Activbody, Activforce, and Activ5 at www.activ5.com