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Chargeasap launches INFINITY Cable

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The only cable needed to charge and sync Micro USB, Lightning and USB-C phones, tablets & USB-C laptops up to 100W 

24th September 2019 – Sydney based consumer electronics brand, Chargeasap, the team behind five successful crowdfunding campaigns including UNO and X-Connect, the world’s most crowdfunded cable, is pleased to announce that it has launched INFINITY Cable on Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asaptechnologies/infinity-cable); the world’s first cable capable of data transfer and charging on all Micro USB, Lightning and USB-C devices. With shipping in February 2020 and pledges starting at just $25/£20, the campaign will run until 22nd November.

The INFINITY Cable is the most powerful product from the cable specialists and is the one and only cable users will ever need instead of having to carry several for each device. INFINITY is capable of data transfer and charging for Micro USB, Lighting (Apple iPhone/iPad) USB Type-C and USB-C notebook connections including the Macbook Pro, meaning it works with virtually every modern USB device launched within the last 5 years. This latest innovation in magnetic cables offers unparalleled quality, convenience and aesthetics brought by a company who believe users should be the creators and innovators of products.    

Unlike other cables from Chargeasap including the most recently launched UNO, the INFINITY Cable is power delivery (PD) compatible for USB-C up to 100W, allowing cross-device charge compatibility for a greater range of devices. This means users can charge their Android or Apple phones with their USB-C laptop power adapter with just one cable. Power delivery (PD) charging is a fast charging protocol to make use of the great functionality and universality and a common feature of current and future flagship devices.

The USB-C connector end allows a higher power input and output and enables INFINITY to be compatible with QC3.0, QC4.0 and Power Delivery. The cable is capable of two-way full speed USB 2.0 data transfer at 480 Mbps between any USB devices and features a reversible magnetic connection which means instant fit every single time. No more fumbling around to connect devices, even in the dark and the INFINITY offers a thicker and stronger magnet for optimum power.  

Each INFINITY cable set features two N52 grade neodymium magnets which are the world's strongest commercial grade magnets. Unlike poor market imitations, INFINITY is strong enough to hold an iPad Air which is 437g (0.96lb) without dropping the device. Additionally, Chargeasap has incorporated an innovative locking mechanism, giving the cable a stronger connection and longer lifespan. This stronger magnetic strength means it can support a heavier cable than ever before with a cable length of 1.2m (3.2ft) with a 2m (6.5ft) cable also available for purchase separately.

Similarly to UNO, INFINITY has a unique bevelled and concave magnetic connector design on both the tip end and cable head end, allowing it to connect correctly even if the tip is flipped 180° due to both the strong neodymium magnets having their polarity perfectly positioned. 

The magnetic cable tips on the INFINITY are also just 10mm (0.39") wide allowing them to fit perfectly into all Apple and Android devices.


The INFINITY Magnetic Cable is available from 24th September on Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asaptechnologies/infinity-cable); until 22nd November with shipping to start in February 2020.

Pledges start from $25/£20 for one INFINITY Cable with one magnetic tip

Extra magnetic tip are available for $10/£8 as well as an optional 2m cable available for $25/£20

About Chargeasap

Chargeasap is a consumer electronics startup based in Sydney with a global team who believe users should be the creators and innovators of products. We realize that your mobile phone is the one object you interact with every day more than any other object or person, so why not simplify this interaction? Our mission is to create highly innovative phone accessories that improve your relationship with your mobile phone. 

Visit https://chargeasap.com/ for more information