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Leading provider of Bluetooth and sound solutions, TUNAI CREATIVE, announces the release of another amazing Bluetooth solution - the TUNAI Button Media Remote Control with Bluetooth 5.0

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, AUGUST 13th, 2019 - TUNAI CREATIVE has again reiterated their goal of providing their customers across the globe with amazing technology-driven solutions to easy their daily lives with the introduction of the TUNAI Button. The device is a compact, portable media control that uses the Bluetooth 5.0 technology to help users get more from their smart mobile devices on-the-go.

The TUNAI Button features Bluetooth 5.0 with a 30-foot range and buttons for answering and rejecting calls and controlling media playback. It can be used to answer calls, access voice assistants, listen to media, control shutter, take selfies, set reminders, schedule alarms, and more. Users can get the most out of their smartphones on-the-go without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. The Button is made of IPX5 grade material which can take some light rain or a splash when biking - making it a perfect companion for your commute.

“The TUNAI Button gives you the convenience of using your phone on the go while putting safety first, and it has an impressive battery life of up to 3 years.” said Judy Lin, Marketing Manager at TUNAI CREATIVE.

The versatile and easy to use remote control is compatible with iPhone and most of the Android smartphones, allowing users to control their phone safely and easily from anywhere, including steering wheel, bike handlebar, and sofa. The gadget is also ideal for taking selfies and video recordings with the remote shutter button with easy pairing via Bluetooth and a long-lasting easily replace the battery. 

The button’s magnetic base with 3 sizes of rubber strap also offers a fast and easy installation. It can also be easily removed, moved, and adjusted, leaving no mess on the surface.  

TUNAI Button has quickly become one of the most sought-after products in its category on Amazon with accolades from different quarters. “I have it mounted on my bike. Used a few zip ties to keep it in place. It was hard to get my phone to do what I wanted with riding gloves on this makes it so easy.” said MIC, Amazon customer. “It's very handy for music looks great with my Google to play music and Spotify equals many other entertainment sources. I would definitely suggest this or anybody that is looking for a good Bluetooth media remote.” said Roy, Amazon customer.

“This little gadget is a possible lifesaver. I no longer have to look away from the road,” said C. Sousa, Amazon customer.

For anyone who has been looking for a sleek and streamlined way to control the most vital features of their smartphones and mobile devices without holding their devices, the TUNAI Button offers an exceptional option. More information can be found at TUNAI CREATIVE is also available across several social media platforms, including FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Pricing and Availability:

$ 34.99 at Amazon: 

About TUNAI Creative

The word TUNAI comes from Tamil, the official language of Sri Lanka, as a pronunciation of word "accessory". Sri Lanka, known as "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" and is one of the top five gemstone producing countries in the world. TUNAI, used as the first word of our brand, implying our idea in developing towards the concept of "accessory boutiques".

Since 2014, our team at TUNAI CREATIVE has amassed talents from technology leaders in Taiwan and Germany in an effort to put together an organization that is as innovative as it is effective. We have won praise for our efforts throughout Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, and Europe, where our products have been recognized for quality and utility. TUNAI has aimed to innovate Bluetooth products. FIREFLY, world’s tiniest Bluetooth music receiver makes it easy to upgrade the car and home audio. It has been selected as Amazon Choice since 2017. In September 2017, DRUM, the High-Resolution Bass Enhanced Audiophile Earphone crowdfunding project at Kickstarter reached 100% of funding goal in 3 days and now is available at and select retailers. In January 2018, WAND, Enhanced Wireless Audio Home Entertainment won CES2018 Innovation Awards. Now WAND is available at Kickstarter and seeking supports from backers to move this award-winning product to the industrialization phase. 

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