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Find the balance between family time and screen time

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The Den combines hardware and software to help parents manage screen time, while securely charging and storing devices 

London​ – June 27, 2019 – ​TechDen, makers of the first internet-connected solution that helps parents manage screen time while securely storing and charging phones and tablets, announces the availability of The Den in the UK. The Den, the home to healthier screen habits™​, is a parenting tool combining an app that parents use to manage screen time with a physical home for devices to be stored and charged – reducing distractions such as notifications or text messages and keeping devices out of sight and out of mind. 

“The modern world is dealing with a very new and universal problem. Our kids are hooked on smartphones and tablets. When parents try to manage screen time it can cause major conflict in the home. That was the case for me, my friends and nearly every parent that I’ve spoken to,” says James Symons, dad and TechDen CEO. 

While other apps on the market can assist parents in managing devices, TechDen is the first company to offer a combination of both software and hardware. Using the TechDen app, parents create schedules to remotely lock and unlock the doors of The Den, set limits for device usage, create schedules for their kids, manage multiple devices and receive notifications about device removal and time usage. When screen time is over, devices are simply stored, charged and locked in The Den. 

“When creating TechDen, our focus was not on taking away screen time for kids, but rather to promote a positive balance between screen time and family time,” says Symons. “We, along with other industry experts, understand that the use of technology is unavoidable and invaluable, but we believe boundaries should be set. A big part of this was involving children in the scheduling and decision-making process. That way there’s an emotional buy-in; they’re invested and naturally develop healthy habits that become the norm.” 

If a child tries to access a device during an allowable time, the doors of The Den will open. If a similar attempt is made during a non-scheduled time, the doors of The Den will remain closed and locked. 

The Den is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and can store and charge up to two devices at once. It features two doors that independently open and close, and a sled that allows for easy storing and access to devices. When stored, each device sits on its sled while connected to a Lightning or micro-USB cable for charging. 

When using a device, children are given two notifications well before they return it to The Den, letting them know how much time remains. Studies show this is more effective than the sudden and verbal ‘two-minute warning’ parents give at arbitrary times, which often catches children off guard and leads to tension between parents and their children. Together, the hardware and software create a device management system that helps parents establish boundaries as wide or narrow as they see fit, while kids learn to take control of their tech time, so they can create more family time. TechDen also uses a reward system in which parents and children can set goals and rewards for on-time returns to The Den.

The Den is now available for purchase at John Lewis & Partners for £199.99. 

About TechDen

TechDen was born out of a father’s desire to create more family time and achieve a balance with the use of technology in his home. With U.S. headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, and offices across the world, TechDen is set to inspire a generation to reconnect with family. Welcome TechDen into your home and find balance with the screens in our lives.