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LIFX announces UK availability of Beam

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14 March, 2018, London -LIFX, maker of the world’s bright colour Wi-Fi enable smart lights, has announced UK availability of the LIFX Beam. Available to buy from, for £199.00. 

The LIFX Beam consists of light changing bars that work via the LIFX Android, iOS and windows compatible app that allow users to control, programme and animate their very own light show with a choice of over 16 million colours to choose from.

The LIFX Beam starter kit contains six of the light strip units along with a power pack and a corner unit. Each light bar clicks together end to end that allows users to create a shape and a seamless blended illumination for remarkable art and visualisations. The command strips have been designed to allow the lights to be placed exactly where required and to work in any sized room or space. 

LIFX works seamlessly with Apple, enabling LIFX Beam to be voice controlled through Siri, Google and Alexa, without the need for a central hub. This allows users to easily bring LIFX bulbs into their smart home, regardless of the existing set up.

One command will allow homeowners to interact with multiple parts of their smart home at the same time, creating a completely unified experience.

Tim Peters, Chief Executive Officer at LIFX says: “Consumers are demanding increased efficiency, control and customisation from their smart home technology. The LIFX Beam allows homeowners to be creative and personal and offers them ways to create new experiences in the comfort of their own home.”

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About LIFX

LIFX (pronounced LIFE-X) pioneered the smart light in 2012 and is guided by a passion for innovation, technology & light. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley at Redwood City, California, LIFX is a global brand founded and with R&D in Melbourne, Australia. LIFX products are available online at and at retailers globally including the US, Australia, and Europe.