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ADAM elements OMNIA TA502

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Taipei/Berlin, 29 November 2017 – ADAM elements introduces one of the world’s smallest travel adapters with three different plug connectors all in one tiny cube. These conform to US, UK, EU and AU standards, which enable the charger to be used in over 150 countries worldwide. Two USB Type-A sockets allow charging two mobile devices simultaneously.

Tiny and light-weight, but oh-so attractive and versatile

The travel charger OMNIA TA502 weighs a mere 89 grams and its edges measure just 50 mm but when it comes to versatility it really packs a punch! It boasts wall socket adapters for use in over 150 countries worldwide, neatly tucked away under its stylish aluminium alloy shell, which not only contributes to the charger’s attractive design but also minimises electromagnetic interference. Users simply slide out the adapters needed in the country they are in and they lock into place. The OMNIA TA502 supports voltages from 100 to 240 V. The two USB Type-A sockets provide 5 V/2.5 A current to efficiently charge two devices simultaneously. A 6 A/250 V fuse acts as a surge protector; safeguarding charger and connected devices. Two status LEDs inform the user about the charging progress. 

The OMNIA TA502 comes in four colour variations: black/grey, black/red, black/rose gold and all red. Also included in the package is a convenient carrying pouch. It is available now at an MSRP of £38.00.

PeAk II Trio

Another space saver and ingenious piece of equipment for frequent travellers and couch potatoes alike is the Trio version of the new ADAM elements PeAk II cable series. On one end it has the common USB Type-A plug that for instance connects to the OMNIA TA502. On the other end, however, it combines three different plugs: MFi certified Lightning, USB Type-C and micro USB. So it can be used for charging both iOS and Android devices, which may mean one cable less to pack in your suitcase when travelling with your friend or partner.

The PeAk II Trio has a generous length of 120 cm and comes in four different colours: gold, grey, red and rose gold. The precision-cut aluminium connector shells and the thin but strong braided material used for the cables mean that the PeAk II cables are even tougher than the previous generation. The PeAk II Trio will be available from December 2017 at an MSRP of £28.00.

About ADAM elements

ADAM elements is a leading supplier of intelligent lifestyle solutions. The Taiwan-based company develops mobile and information and communication products, including mobile devices, peripherals for smart devices, smart wearable products and smart lifestyle equipment. In order to perfectly complement this high-quality hardware, the company also develops software applications, allowing a seamless and complete user experience. ADAM elements is active in several Asian, European and South American markets, and is an authorized dealer for various smart mobile devices from international brands.