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Keep Your Best Friend by Your Side

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It’s hard leaving pets at home but with Pawbo, pet owners can check in and play with their four-legged friend at any point in the day from the palm of their hand. This interactive camera is set to revolutionise the way pet owners interact with their pets while away from home.

The Pawbo⁺ pet camera is easy to set up and remotely control via the free Pawbo Life app (compatible with iOS/ Android platforms). Via this app, owners cannot only hear and see their pets but can also talk to them, take photos, give treats and play games even when they are away from home, at anytime, anywhere. The Pawbo⁺ camera can be logged into by up to eight different accounts allowing the whole family to check in on their beloved pet.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association Pet Population report in 2017, a total of 8.5m dogs and 8m cats are owned in the United Kingdom. Whilst many offices allow animals to be brought to work it’s inevitable that pets may have to be left alone at home at some point. With Pawbo⁺ pet owners have the ability to keep in touch with their pet and more importantly to interact with them, helping with their happiness and stress levels.

The video storage option, along with the live feed, allows owners an in-depth look into their pet’s behaviour, enabling them to take steps to improve the environment in which their pet is left. Owners can also capture precious moments with the photo or video function which can be shared with friends.

The Pawbo⁺ can also be connected to accessories Pawbo Flash and Pawbo Catch. Fully compatible with the Pawbo⁺ interactive pet camera, the Pawbo Flash detects the darkness of the environment and turns on automatically to help pet owners to see their pets in low light conditions, without having to leave the light on. The Pawbo Catch provides a smart way to interact with your cat with the teaser toy, providing more interaction,stimulation and exercise through a simple game controlled through the Pawbo Life app. 

At a glance: Pawbo⁺

  • Treat dispensing camera designed for small dogs and cats (can also be used for rabbits)
  • 720P HD live video and 130° Wide-Angle Lens, supported by high-quality sound
  • Allows up to eight users to chat with your pet through Pawbo at one time, with all users able to operate the interactive functions simultaneously
  • Six built-in ringtones to attract your pet’s attention
  • Built-in games for interacting with your pet, with the capability of extending functions via wireless connection
  • Push-to-Talk function allows your pet to hear your voice at the touch of a button
  • Via the Pawbo Life app users are able to control multiple Pawbo⁺ devices and operate multiple Pawbo accessories
  • The app is also compatible with social media platforms, enabling users to instantly upload images of their pets

Pawbo⁺, RRP £149

Pawbo Illuminate Kit, RRP £169 (Pawbo⁺ with Pawbo Flash)

Pawbo Catch, RRP £39

Pawbo products are available for purchase from