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Orange and Sony Ericsson Announce Pan-European Marketing Agreement with Sony BMG Artist Jamiroquai

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London, 17 August, 2005. Orange and Sony Ericsson today announce a Pan-European marketing agreement with Sony BMG artist Jamiroquai that includes an integrated above- and below-the-line advertising campaign in selected Orange markets, as well as exclusive video and music content for users of the stylish K600i 3G phone customized for Orange World, the global operator’s portal.

Joint marketing activities between the two companies will feature the well-known Jamiroquai ‘Buffalo Man’ logo and will begin in August. Continuing through to the second half of 2006, the campaign will be complimented by a private concert by Jamiroquai in Paris for Orange customers and key partners, details of which will be announced closer to the time.

Niall O’Keeffe, Vice-President Brand and Consumer Propositions, Orange, comments: “As a pioneer of mobile music, Orange is pleased to have secured this exclusive deal with Jamiroquai and Sony Ericsson. Through the Orange 3G network we will be able to deliver a richer, faster experience for customers to access exclusive Jamiroquai video and music content on Orange World, or watch video, access audio content, or make video calls on their K600i phone.”

Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay comments: “I’m learning more and more about these innovative new mobile formats every day and I definitely see them as an important way of getting Jamiroquai’s music and visuals out there. 3G is a whole new dimension and I’m delighted to have hooked up with Orange and Sony Ericsson – two leaders in their field.”

“We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Orange, Jamiroquai and Sony BMG on this exciting initiative,” says Janosch Brengel, Director of Marketing, Sony Ericsson Global Customer Unit (Orange). “Our objective is to add value to Orange’s 3G offering by developing a complete package and maximizing the level of integration around superstar video content, a ground breaking European campaign and Orange’s innovative services. The artistry and music of Jamiroquai is both creatively unique and commercially successful and we believe this will have a positive effect on the appeal of the marketing campaign,” he adds.

“Creating a presence outside our traditional music spheres with an iconic artist like Jay is not only desirable but now essential. This partnership is perfectly targeted towards our, and their, core demographic whilst maintaining Jay at the cutting edge of technology and music delivery,” states Dave Shack, Vice President International, Sony BMG UK.

Coinciding with the release of Jamiroquai’s 6th album “Dynamite”, which has reached Top 10 charts across Europe, the integrated campaign will feature exclusive audio and video content, including Jamiroquai’s latest video promoting the single ‘7 Days In Sunny June’.