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Passport to security

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8th August 2017 - The coming months are likely to see a rise in home burglaries as a result of many properties being left unoccupied whilst owners jet off abroad. As a result, there’s no better time to invest in smart security products, such as the Somfy One.

Ideal for holiday makers, working professionals and families, the Somfy One offers an affordable option for individuals to monitor their valuables and loved ones throughout the holidays to ensure that they can enjoy a tranquil break. As an all-in-one solution that encompasses a Full-HD camera, a siren and advanced motion detection, the Somfy One also connects to additional alarm accessories. An ideal feature that ensures that the Somfy One can evolve with a growing family or securely protect both a flat or large home as singles move up the property ladder, this system provides a solution for life.

The only security camera on the market with an automatic shutter for privacy, combined with easy set-up that takes less than a minute, the Somfy One is ideal for everyone.

For holiday makers

Unsurprisingly, a home burglary is likely to happen when a home is empty. The Somfy One is an affordable, DIY solution that allows individuals to monitor their home through HD camera footage that is streamed directly to their smartphone from anywhere in the world. Boasting advanced motion detection that enables individuals to define detection free areas, this complete security system has been designed to ensure pets can live inside the house and only trigger a 90dB siren in the event of an actual break-in.

For working professionals  

With limited annual leave for working parents, it’s difficult for many to take the time off during the school holidays. Ideal for families with teenagers, the Somfy One provides peace of mind for any parent that is leaving a younger one unoccupied during the working day, allowing parents to monitor teenagers via live footage. Using an additional key fob, the Somfy Protect App provides parents with peace of mind thanks to presence detection which notifies parents when their teenager is coming and going.

For families

Somfy One incorporates a handy feature that allows users to communicate through the camera when the privacy shutter is raised. Perfect for parents that work away regularly or grandparents that like to be kept in the loop, kids can easily talk and be heard through this sleek unit.

Somfy One

£229 / Available from and Amazon

The Somfy One is an all-in-one security solution that deters intruders whilst seamlessly fitting in with the sleek aesthetics of a modern home. Offering a reassuring and unobtrusive footprint of 10x9cm, this DIY system also boasts:

  • A best in class camera - A wide-angle, full-HD camera that allows you to see perfectly well both day and night, with a x8 zoom
  • A loud siren - A built-in 90+dB siren that triggers automatically when intruders are detected to scare them off
  • A unique privacy shutter - Automatically covers the camera’s lens and microphone when users come home
  • A two way microphone - The possibility of hearing and speaking to family members thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone
  • Immediate downloads - Smartphone alerts which allow you to download 10s videos of the event free of charge, stored in the Somfy cloud in order to prevent them from being destroyed by an intruder
  • A pet friendly feature - A fully pet-immune motion sensor to avoid false alarms

About Somfy

The Somfy Group is a world leader in the automation of openings and closings of residential and commercial buildings and a pioneer and specialist in connected home solutions.

Somfy Protect is the latest of Somfy’s Connected Security products, and was created following Somfy’s acquisition of Myfox in October 2016. The Somfy Protect product range boasts a number of unique technologies, protected by a portfolio of international patents, including the IntelliTAG™, the world’s first one-piece device that detects door and window openings and preventively sets off an alarm as soon as it senses vibrations caused by an attempted break-in.