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Put the heat on crime with Swann’s True Detect® Thermal-Sensing CCTV system

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New passive infrared (PIR) sensors and push notifications combine to create the most reliable and user-friendly DIY system yet from Swann, ensuring only important footage is captured

UK – 28 June 2017 – Swann, a global leader in security monitoring solutions, reveals a revolution in home security with its first ever thermal-sensing system. The Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System is a cutting edge and easy-to-use, expandable surveillance system with 1080p HD video, available at Maplin from £329.99.

True Detect®, saves data storage and time

Featuring state-of-the-art PIR motion sensors designed for security applications, the cameras have the ability to detect people, cars, large pets and other heat-generating large objects, as this is the same type of technology used in alarm systems. Distinguishing these from irrelevant movement such as wind, falling leaves, bugs and rain eliminates false triggers and ensures a much more accurate motion detection with only important information captured, stored and reported.

In comparison to traditional pixel motion detection, PIR motion detection gives users over four times more efficient use of hard drive space. By only capturing footage that really has security relevance, storage capacity of the 1TB internal hard drive on the DVR can be increased from 80 days to over one year for true set and forget functionality. More selective recording will also save the user significant time by removing the need to trawl through irrelevant footage when reviewing incidents on playback.

HomeSafe View app

Thanks to the accuracy of True Detect®, app based push notifications are fewer and more relevant, reliably informing users as and when recording has been triggered. The HomeSafe View app then offers the chance to watch live and playback footage from any of the cameras connected to the DVR from anywhere in the world via iOS and Android devices.

To further improve the user experience, QuickReview™ has been added to the system, allowing different events and periods of time from the same channel to be reviewed at once, enabling users to quickly check a whole day’s activity from one camera. The system also features Swann Quickshot™, a feature to further improve playback and save users time. Quickshot™ provides a time lapse of still images to be viewed from multiple channels at once, helping users track a specific event of interest from multiple cameras.

Crystal clear Full HD resolution and complete flexibility for homes and small businesses

The addition of True Detect® technology to Swann’s renowned image quality in the 1080P resolution PRO-1080MSB cameras guarantees not only will users capture just relevant incidents, they will do so in Full HD resolution. Any faces, number plates or other important details caught on camera can be easily identified. A night vision range of 30m and IP66 rating for full weatherproofing ensures that users can rely on the system day and night, rain or shine.

The PRO-1080MSB cameras are supplied with a DVR in either a 4-channel, 2-camera kit (SWDVK-445402) or an 8-channel, 4-camera kit (SWDVK-845804), and with simple installation and the ability to add further cameras, the Swann Thermal-Sensing Security System is ideal for monitoring homes, offices, small businesses and retail stores, to deter, capture and catch thieves, and cut the cost of crime.

Priced at £329.99 and £439.99 respectively, the SWDVK-445402 and SWDVK-845804 kits are available now from Maplin.

About Swann

Swann is a global leader in DIY security monitoring and has been providing innovative yet cost effective security and consumer electronics solutions with a proud history in Australia dating back to 1987.

With offices in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, China and Hong Kong, and distribution partners around the globe, Swann is key player in the global DIY security market. Swann partners with key retailers and distributors such as Maplin Electronics, Costco Wholesale, Screwfix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy to provide cutting edge and accessible solutions to consumers.

The company’s products are mainly do-it-yourself with easy-to-follow ‘plug-and-play’ instructions, free after-sale 24/7 technical support and retail-friendly product packaging aimed at home, office and small-to-medium retail users. Swann builds products that deliver the simplest and most affordable DIY security solutions.