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Somfy presents One, the ultimate all-in-one security solution

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Sleek new home security system showcased at Sands Booth 40944

LAS VEGAS - January 6, 2017 - Somfy, the connected home specialist, today launches Somfy One, the most advanced all-in-one security solution, to protect homes and families.

In a single device as simple and accessible as a camera, Somfy One harbors the power of a complete security solution: video surveillance, intrusion detection, integrated siren, and central alarm.

Somfy One is the epitome of the unique technologies and renowned expertise of Myfox, the connected security leader that recently joined the Somfy group. The pairing of the two brands led to the creation of the Somfy Protect lineup, spearheaded by Somfy One. 

"For over ten years, Myfox has worked to rethink home security to make it simple and accessible to all. Somfy One is the ultimate achievement of this vision. Today, we are particularly proud to take another step in this project within Somfy."

Jean-Marc Prunet Director of Connected Security at Somfy

"This new connected solution illustrates the complementarity of the Myfox and Somfy teams: it integrates all our common know-how and experience into a single product."

Marc Westermann Director of Connected Solutions

Full HD Video Surveillance

With a Full HD wide-angle image and the ability to communicate remotely with high-quality sound, Somfy One offers an outstanding video experience, day and night. SomfyVisionTM motion detection technology ensures the absence of false alarms.

In the case of motion detection, a photo alert is sent, and a 10-second video is recorded and secured in the cloud. It can be viewed and downloaded free of charge for 24 hours. For even more security, an option of continuous recording and storage in the cloud is also available.

Deterrence and Alarm

Somfy One is the most advanced all-in-one security system imaginable.

Equipped with a 100 dB built-in siren, it dissuades intruders as soon as it detects movement. Somfy One is also compatible with a full lineup of unique alarm accessories, such as the IntelliTAG™ sensor for doors and windows, or the key fob that automatically turns off the alarm when users come home. The patented IntelliTAG™ detects break-ins before they occur via vibration analysis. 

To counter power and internet outages, the Somfy One + version has a battery and an emergency communication mode that uses the SomfyAroundTM community network, or the SigFox and LoRa networks, if this option is chosen.

Pay-as-You-Go, Commitment-Free Security Services

Somfy One makes it easy to manage groups of users with specific rights (owners, children, guests) as well as to create a community (neighbors, family) that will receive alerts by email, push, and SMS notifications, and that can call the police if necessary. 

Whether temporarily (i.e. during vacation) or permanently, it is possible to entrust the security of your home to professional monitoring, intervention, and guard services. With a single tap from the Somfy Protect application, you can activate and deactivate these unparalleled security services, which are available without commitment starting at €9.99/month (available in France and rolling out through out Europe in 2017). 

The Connected Home Experience

Installed in an instant from the iOS app or Android Somfy Protect, Somfy One is compatible with most connected home devices through Works With Nest, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT.

Somfy One is also compatible with Tahoma, Somfy’s Smart Home solution. It integrates perfectly with Somfy connected equipment that make homes safer and more comfortable: connected locks, rolling shutters, gates, garage doors, and more.

Somfy One is controlled via smartphone application and optional fobs as well as simply by voice.

Compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, users can simply talk to it and ask it to activate monitoring, or to close its motorized shutter.

Secure living has never been easier.

Respect for Privacy and Personal Data 

The utmost attention has been paid to the protection of privacy and personal data.

Featuring a motorized shutter that completely covers the lens and camera microphone, surveillance with Somfy One is non-intrusive and respectful of family intimacy.

Users can customize the privacy settings: automatic opening and closing of the shutter, displaying the presence of users, detecting the presence of the smartphone at home to activate and deactivate surveillance automatically, and more.

Somfy One has received two CES Innovation Awards, in the Smart Home and Embedded Technologies categories.

Somfy One will be presented on January 3, 2017, at CES Unveiled, then on January 5–8 at the CES Las Vegas 2017 (Sands Expo/Stand 40944).

Technical Features


• Full HD 1080p, zoom (x8), wide angle 130°

• Night vision (6 m)

• High quality built-in speaker and microphone

• Free video clips upon detection (10 seconds) saved in the cloud and downloadable for up to 24 hours

• Optional continuous video recording in the cloud


• 100dB integrated siren

• SomfyVisionTM accurate motion detection

• Detection zone customization 

• Fire siren sound recognition

• Capacity to manage up to 150 accessories from the Somfy Protect lineup (IntelliTAGTM, fob, motion detection, interior siren, exterior siren)

• Radio jamming detection


• WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

• Bluetooth Smart

• Radio Somfy Protect 868 Mhz

Somfy One +

More security with Somfy One +

• Local storage on SD card in case of internet outage

• Backup battery in case of a power outage

• Power outage alerts

• FREE SomfyAround™ emergency communication, using the private LPWA network made up of the Home Alarm and Somfy One + communities

• LPWA emergency communication subject to subscription (according to LoRa or SigFox availability in the area of the installation site)


+ 1 IntelliTAG™ vibration sensor for doors and windows

+ 1 hands-free automatic deactivation fob 

The Somfy One lineup will be available in the second quarter of 2017 in Europe. 

About Somfy Protect

Somfy Protect is the new Connected Security offering created through Somfy’s acquisition of Myfox in 2016. The Somfy Protect lineup includes many unique technologies, protected by a portfolio of international patents, including the IntelliTAG™, the world’s first opening detector made up of a single piece and allowing the preventive triggering of the alarm as early as the first vibrations of an attempted break-in. 

About Somfy 

The Somfy group is the world leader in the automation of home and building openings and closings, and a pioneer and specialist of the connected home.