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Ford CEO Alan Mulally to deliver keynote speech at CeBIT highlighting European introduction of Ford SYNC™ with MyFord Touch

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Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally will deliver the keynote address at the 2011 CeBIT show on March 1 in Hannover, Germany, promising exciting news about the company’s ground-breaking SYNC™ with MyFord Touch driver connect technology.

Ford’s increasing role as a developer and manufacturer of industry-leading in-car communications technology and interactive solutions has placed it at the forefront of this rapidly developing segment of the automotive world, and has been reflected in the company's growing presence at technology events worldwide.

“I am honored that I will be sharing our Ford story at CeBIT,” Mulally said. “We committed to our customers that we will deliver best-in-class quality, fuel economy, safety, value and really smart technologies such as SYNC™ with MyFord Touch in every vehicle from Ford, including the all-new Ford Focus.” 

Introducing SYNC™ in European tech showcase

SYNC™ with MyFord Touch is a voice-activated in-car connectivity platform that allows the driver to control the vehicle’s major functions through spoken commands.

Also boasting the ability to synchronise with media and telecommunications devices – offering hands-free voice control of external business and personal communication or entertainment tools – SYNC™ with MyFord Touch is set to revolutionise the way that car drivers communicate both with the car and with the outside world whilst in the car.

Ford SYNC™ was developed with the help of Microsoft to offer drivers the ultimate solution to the challenge of staying connected, safely, while on the move.

Originally available to Ford customers in North America, the system has been significantly developed by Ford’s specialist engineers to make it compatible with European markets.

In North America, where more than 3 million vehicles have now been equipped with the advanced voice control and connectivity system, SYNC™ has been proven to offer users considerable benefits in terms of simplicity and convenience, particularly when combined with Ford’s integrated touchscreen interface, MyFord Touch.

Visitors to the CeBIT technology show will have the opportunity to try out the advanced new Ford technologies for themselves at Ford’s show stand.

CeBIT offers new audience for Ford

CeBIT has become a focal point for the latest technological advances across a huge range of industries and applications since coming to the fore in its present form in 1986.  The annual event is now the world’s largest digital, IT and telecommunications fair and plays host to more than 6,000 exhibitors.

Mulally’s keynote speech at the 2011 CeBIT technology show will be a further example of Ford’s ground-breaking approach of talking directly to technology consumers and media that began with a similar appearance at the 2009 International CES in Las Vegas.

Ford has returned to the CES event in both 2010 and 2011, with Mulally delivering keynote addresses each year. In doing so, Ford has recognised the importance and value of bringing its increasingly sophisticated in-car connectivity and communication technology directly to a technology-focused audience alongside the traditional automotive audience.