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Free Chromecast with past and future CXU Universal Blu-ray player purchases

Tags: Cambridge Audio, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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For a limited time only high-end AV specialist brand Cambridge Audio are offering all new and existing customers of the brand’s superb, award winning Universal Blu–ray player, the CXU, the option to easily add the functionality and convenience of Netflix, iPlayer and many more streaming services to their players via the offer of  a free Google Chromecast.

CXU owners will also get the added benefit of exceptional sound and video quality as the players advanced processors will upsample all of the audio from the Chromecast to 24-bit/192kHz quality and all of the video to 4K, for the best possible streaming A/V experience.

Any CXU customer can claim their free Chromecast by heading to the appropriate Cambridge Audio web page and uploading their proof of purchase to qualify.

Cambridge Audio will then forward the Chromecast to reach the customer within a matter of days. Once the Chromecast has arrived customers simply need to plug it into the front or rear HDMI input of their CXU, connect it to the mains via the USB cable provided and visit on their phone, tablet or laptop to get started.  They can then further maximise the viewing potentials of their CXU as a multimedia hub.