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Trainer by Gibson goes in-ear – dedicated sports lifestyle Ti100 earphones

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Wireless sport in-ear headphones created in partnership with fastest man alive Usain Bolt 

Trainer by Gibson, part of Gibson Brands, has launched the second model created in partnership with sports mega-star Usain Bolt – the Ti100, a new model of Bluetooth sports earphones specially designed to make you walk longer, run faster, jump further and let the power of music improve your performance.

The new in-ear model offers freedom of movement and a host of specific features for sports fans. So it has never been so easy to listen to music while training.

The Ti100 features a unique Aeroflex system that allows users to easily switch between in-ear and a more secure ear-hook style depending on the planned intensity of their training session.

And as with the TH100 on-ear model, safety and visibility have been made a priority especially when training at night with both models featuring unique NightNav technologywhich includes LED lighting at the back of the earphone to be visible no matter the time and place.

With 6.5 hours battery life and weighing only 14g the Trainer by Gibson in-ear model is made for both casual and serious training sessions. Workouts will have no limits, the Ti100 allows users to train anywhere and at any time, motivated by the powerful and detailed sound to help them hit their fitness goals.

Like the Trainer by Gibson TH100 headband model, the new Ti100 in-ear model brings together a range of specific features developed with sports enthusiasts in mind:

  • Complete freedom of movement thanks to the Freemove Bluetooth wireless technology. The earphone has no cables but superior sound quality remains and the 6.5 hours battery will last even during the toughest workout.
  • The Aeroflex design allows users to easily switch between in-ear and a more secure ear-hook style depending on the intensity of the training session.
  • Safety and visibility are the most important while training at night. The NightNav technologyfeatures LED lighting at the back of the earphone to be visible no matter the time and place.
  • By pressing the Safesound button, the music and bass volume are lowered allowing users to stay alert to their environmental.
  • With Weatherseal, the Trainer by Gibson are rain and sweat resistant thanks to specific water-resistant material.
  • Longer lifetime is achieved through Duracord, using a Zylon fibre reinforced durable cable, the same used in cutting-edge F1 cars.

The Ti100 Trainer by Gibson in-ear headphones is available in black or white from John Lewis for £149.95

About Trainer by Gibson:

Trainer by Gibson is a new health-focused brand inspired by and designed for an active lifestyle. Building on Gibson’s expertise in musical instruments, consumer electronics and audio, Trainer harnesses the power of music to help anybody who cares about fitness reach their potential. Innovative technology, powerful sound quality and contemporary design are at its core.

About Gibson Innovations

We’re Gibson Innovations, and we love music. We combine innovation, great sound and sophisticated design to create music and entertainment products across a dynamic portfolio of brands: Philips, Philips Fidelio, Gibson, Onkyo and Trainer. We’re part of Gibson Brands, Inc., one of the fastest-growing music lifestyle companies in the world, with a portfolio of brands that spans the full journey of music: creation, performance and experience. For our latest news go to