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Hauppauge introduces myMusic-Wi-Fi, the wireless music receiver for your iPhone, iPad or Android device

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This new member of Hauppauge's myWireless family is the high quality wireless link between your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet and your home stereo system

Hauppauge Digital Inc. April 08, 2014, London -- Hauppauge today announced its new myMusic-Wi-Fi wireless music receiver. myMusic-Wi-Fi wirelessly connects to Apple and Android smart phones and tablets via WiFI and can receive any music content from your smart phone or tablet.

Music such as Pandora, Spotify and songs from your music library can be listened to wirelessly on your home stereo system. myMusic-Wi-Fi connects to a home stereo system though a high quality digital optical audio port or through a normal stereo jack. myMusic-Wi-Fi supports Apple's Airplay, allowing you to experience high quality multi-room music, streaming from your Apple iOS device through myMusic-Wi-Fi to your home stereo system.

myMusic-Wi-Fi is part of Hauppauge's myWireless family of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected devices for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

myMusic-Wi-Fi turns your home audio system into a high quality wireless sound system. By connecting your Apple or Android device with myMusic-Wi-Fi, you'll enjoy better sound quality than you can get from the built-in Apple or Android speakers. Simply plug the myMusic-Wi-Fi receiver into your sound system using the included standard analogue RCA or 3.5 mm jacks, connect myMusic-Wi-Fi to your mobile device via the standard WiFI connection method, and you will automatically connect with your sound system to your mobile device. myMusic-Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to listen to music in your home wirelessly!

"When you connect myMusic-Wi-Fi to your Apple or Android device, you get the best of both worlds: exceptional audio quality from your home stereo system plus the convenience of accessing music streamed from your favourite music service or stored on your mobile device" said Ken Plotkin, President of Hauppauge Computer Works.

Designed to be versatile, myMusic-Wi-Fi is small and can be located next to your home audio system.

Product details can be found here:


The Hauppauge MYMUSIC-WiFI music receiver is available now online at for £39.99.

Key Features

  • Built-in Wireless capability.
  • Wireless streaming music from your smart device / PC / MAC.
  • Wi-Fi streaming lossless high quality music.
  • Simple setup.
  • DLNA / UPNP compatible.
  • Airplay compatible.
  • Tune Multi-room support.
  • 3.5mm and optical audio output.

About Hauppauge Computer Works

Hauppauge Computer Works ,  a subsidiary of Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (stock symbol: HAUP)  is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital TV receivers for personal computers. The Company designs and develops digital TV video boards for TV-in-a-window, TV data broadcast reception for the consumer electronics marker plus to VAR, System integrator and OEMs throughout the world. The Company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York and the Company's Internet web site can be found at