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AVerMedia to Showcase Innovative HD Video Sharing Weapons at COMPUTEX 2013

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Taipei, Taiwan - May 28, 2013 - AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, is excited to showcase the latest HD video capture and streaming products for both individual and enterprise customers at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013. The highlights this year cover 3 different market segments-including gaming, home entertainment and business demands-with 3 major superior innovations: Live Gamer Portable, the world's first USB capture box capable of SD card recording; WIFI TV HD, the WIFI TV box allows tablet and smartphone users to enjoy HD TV programs everywhere at home; AVerCaster HD Duet, the cost-effective and compact streaming solution of IPTV and OTT applications. Besides the extraordinary live demonstration, there will be the debut of AVerMedia's first micro-cinema "The Rise of GamerBee". AVerMedia is located at Booth L1217a, 4th floor, Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 4th to June 8th and invites everyone to witness and share our achievement.

Live Gamer Portable (C875)

Live Gamer Portable (LGP) is a stylish palm-sized USB box used to record and stream gameplay up to 1080p/60Mbps from both gaming PCs and consoles. Featuring crystal video quality, wide connectivity, hardware compressing capability and an intuitive user interface, it's designed to satisfy all kinds of gaming enthusiasts. The on board H.264 encoder assures low CPU usage and small file sizes without compromising the quality; the HDMI pass-through function guarantees smooth HD gaming experience even while recording. Furthermore, the device allows users to live stream with the unprecedented low latency in the industry, which realizes the optimized audio synchronization while adding commentaries. Most importantly, LGP is the only capture device that provides the option of PC-Free Mode with SD card recording. Under PC-Free Mode, it can be powered by your game platform via USB, with no additional power outlet needed. In other words, LGP delivers the true mobility for gameplay capture and sharing.

WIFI TV HD (F225) & EzRecorder (C293)

WIFI TV HD is a TV box that allows users to watch or record HD digital TV programs on Android/iOS tablets wirelessly within LAN area. Besides the crystal video quality, WIFI TV HD provides comprehensive TV functions with AVerTV app, including full EPG, scheduled recording and multiple audio tracks. From now on, enjoying TV in the kitchen, bathroom or any other corner cannot be easier. Even better, you can surf the internet while watching TV. EzRecorder C983 is another spotlight for home entertainment market. It is designed to transfer aging VHS/8mm/Hi8 family tapes to HDD so that consumers can preserve their great memories eternally. No need of PC, the operation is very easy with the remote control, which makes EzRecorder C293 extremely suitable for the elders. Moreover, the device can be used to record analog videos from various devices like LD player and camcorder.

AVerCaster HD Duet (F239)

AVerCaster HD Duet is a dual-channel video streaming encoder with compact chassis-design which ingests and encodes HD video from HDMI/Component input sources for delivering live content over IP network. AVerCaster HD Duet can also be used for broad media delivery across the Internet by publishing RTMP to Content Delivery Network (CDN) and famous live streaming platforms, such as USTREAM, Livestream and Justin TV. It is designed to address the proliferation of IPTV and OTT live video streams in environments such as churches, schools, small and medium-sized enterprises, healthcare and more.

AVerMedia Micro-cinema "The Rise of GamerBee"

In company with the debut of the aspiring micro-cinema "The Rise of GamerBee", AVerMedia will hold a global giveaway during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013. The participants have a chance to win a Live Gamer Portable with personalized laser engraving. Stay tuned with "AVerMedia GamerZone" fanpage on facebook and check out the video on 31st May.

To learn more about the product details, please visit AVerMedia official websites:

Live Gamer Portable (C875): http://gamerzone.avermedia.com

AVerCaster HD Duet (F239): http://solutions.avermedia.com

About AVerMedia Technologies

The AVerMedia Technologies (http://www.avermedia.com) is the preeminent name in designing, manufacturing and marketing multimedia products. Alongside a full-line of TV tuner and personal video recorder, AVerMedia provides high quality video capture, converting and streaming devices for consumer, corporate and industrial markets. AVerMedia Technologies is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication between people. Founded in 1990, AVerMedia became a public company in 2000. AVerMedia adheres to the latest green manufacturing standards in delivering the highest quality products.