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Evesham MBox - the gadget that sets your music free

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The gadget that sets your music free

Different tunes in different rooms with the new MBox from Evesham

Evesham, UK, 6th February 2006 - Does your PC have hundreds of downloaded music tracks, albums full of holiday pictures and the odd wedding video taking up storage space? What would you do if your HDD failed? All hard disks eventually fail!

Evesham is offering an innovative way to ensure all of your valued music, photo, video and data files are easily accessible and always backed up - introducing the smart Evesham MBox.

Not only a compact, stylish storage device, the MBox solution, incorporating the MBridge network music player is the ultimate in multi-room wireless audio streaming. You can browse your entire music library via the MBridge in any room remotely without even switching on your PC.

The MBox is a small device that’s big on storage. Each MBox is supplied with two hard disks which are mirrored for real-time duplication of your data, providing essential back-up with immediate disaster recovery. You can be confident that all of your data is safe. Back up software is supplied as standard, so you can schedule back ups at your convenience.

Evesham Mbox

Download your favourite music (compatible with iTunes and the majority of MP3 formats) to your PC and then easily transfer your collection to the MBox. Using the built in network or by maximizing your existing Wi-Fi network, the cool MBox streams your digital music library to the partner MBridges - spreading music throughout your home.

Stream music wirelessly to up to five MBridge network music players. Plugging the stylish MBridge adapter into any hi-fi or powered speaker system allows you to listen to different music in a number of rooms. Chill out with ColdPlay in one room or party the night away in another with your favourite club tunes.

M bridge

Controlling music on the MBridges couldn’t be simpler and finding music is a breeze. The MBridge displays song, album, artist, genre or composer information giving you the freedom to browse and control your complete music collection. Using the large, bright MBridge display you can even control your music from across the room with an easy to use remote control.

Unlike some rival systems the MBox and MBridge are also compatible with internet radio. (PC with Internet connection required)

The MBox includes a two-year on site warranty backed by Evesham’s award winning service and support.

Availability and pricing
The system goes on sale 15th February – an MBox with two 160 Gigabyte hard drives and an MBridge retails for £599.

M-BOX400GB £898.99 inc VAT. Additional MBridges cost £149 each and a choice of HDD sizes are available. Evesham also offer a full range of speakers systems to choose from.
[An MBox/MBridge bundle with two 250Gigabyte drives is £699; and with two 400Gigabyte drives, it's £899]


· Wi-Fi music around your home
· Secure storage for music, video and more
· Easy set up
· Large storage options – 80-500 Gigabytes
· Mirrored drives for peace of mind
· Music controlled by either MBridge display or remote control
· MBridge works with Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection
· Internet radio
· On site, two-year warranty

About Evesham Technology Ltd
Evesham Technology is a leading UK based provider of IT Solutions. Evesham develop and assemble its own range of PCs, servers, notebooks and PNAs. Evesham PCs have become one of the highest award winning ranges of personal computers in the UK. www.lowestonweb.com is a subsidiary of Evesham Technology Ltd, specialising in peripherals and other IT related equipment. Evesham also has a reseller division.

Evesham’s strength lies in its very strong relationship with manufacturers and suppliers. Evesham has regularly been partnered with Intel, Microsoft and AMD to bring new products to market in the UK. It is heavily involved with the government’s HCI program, providing businesses and their employees with a cost effective way of purchasing PC’s for employees use at home. Evesham have also worked directly with Intel for server product development and has strong storage products based on co-operation with suppliers. Evesham is a strong leader in the promotion of the Microsoft Home Media Center.

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Well - looking at this, its effectively a SoundBridge from Roku and a Thecus YES box with the 2 Hard drives.

So, 2 160GB Drives - Cost: 2* £51.68
Thecus YES Box - Cost: £245.58
Roku SoundBridge 1000 - Cost: £149.99

= £498.93

I would like to see what value ads they put in the system for the extra 100 quid
I may be wrong but i've a seen very similar looking gadget on offer somewhere?
I would like to see what value ads they put in the system for the extra 100 quid

2 year onsite warranty and a tech support line which will support using the 2 products together?
They are claiming the following:

- Custom Firmware
- WiFi which isn't standard
- 2 Year onsite warranty
- Local UK Support Line
- Software to get music from PC to MBox