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Yamaha's Digital Sound Projectors named Products of the Year and Best Buy at 2005 What Hi-Fi? awards

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A true technological breakthrough that delivers an elegant, compact and affordable one-box solution

Yamaha's Digital Sound Projectors named Products of the Year and Best Buy at 2005 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision awards

The ‘Technology Product of the Year’ award celebrates exciting innovations that transform home entertainment and was awarded to Yamaha for affordable ‘one-box’ wireless surround sound ‘that works’ and creative application of high-end technology to meet real market demand.

Yamaha's multi award winning YSP800, new YSP1000 AND YSP1 ‘Digital Sound Projectors’, currently revolutionising the Home Cinema market have received further acclaim scooping the two most coveted awards of ‘Technology Product of the Year’ and ‘Best Buy’ at the prestigious 2005 ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards’ held on 28th September at London’s Hilton Hotel, Park Lane.

The top two awards were among six scooped by Yamaha at the UK’s audiovisual equivalent of the ‘Grammys’, beating stiff competition including the Sony PSP and a host of home-entertainment technology products that organisers described as ranging from high-end heroes to mainstream mould-breakers.

With an estimated 75 per cent of UK homes now enjoying widescreen TV, Yamaha’s YSP Digital Sound Projector technology is a true technological breakthrough that delivers an elegant, compact and affordable one-box solution to produce stunning audio quality with no fuss, no wires and no hassle.

The awards are the ultimate accolade for Yamaha’s groundbreaking technology inspired with the interests of the consumer at heart. As opposed to traditional home theatre systems that require five or more separate speakers, endless and unsightly wiring loops and a degree in sound engineering to assemble, Yamaha’s YSP ‘Digital Sound Projectors’ comprise just one component, in which are mounted tiny high power digital amplifiers powering discreet sound-beam drivers.

These drivers direct focused beams of sound all around the room creating a three-dimensional soundfield exactly replicating the audio effect normally associated with complex wired multi-speaker systems. Yamaha’s Intellibeam technology ensures optimum multi- channel set-up by constant and precise monitoring and analysis of sound output via the supplied plug in microphone.

Yamaha YSP-800
Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector

Extra realism is delivered via the company’s unique Cinema DSP technology which provides a range of specially-sampled acoustic spaces replicating different ‘soundscapes’ - three modes are available for movies, music and sports.

Set up is simplicity itself with the units offering a full auto set up function - one button tunes the entire system to the desired room space. With no hassle to set up and no wires under carpets or trailing across wooden floors, stunning home cinema sound is achieved in minutes.

For more information on Yamah's Digital Sound Projectors, visit .

YSP-800 ‘Digital Sound Projector’ (RRP £599) has already scooped the coveted EISA European Home Theatre Innovation of the year award 2005-2006; the larger YSP-1000 (£899) is released next month.

Other product category awards scooped by Yamaha include:

Best DVD Player (£300-£700) - Yamaha DVDS2500
Best Surround Amplifier (£350 - £750) - Yamaha DSP-AX757SE
Product of the Year (SURROUND AMPS/RECEIVERS) - Yamaha DSP-AX757SE
Best Surround Receiver (£750-£1,500) - Yamaha RX-V4600

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I was in Tesco yesterday (wandered over, I had nothing better to do :o) and read what they had to say about this. Very tempted by this indeed. I bought a Pioneer home theatre in a box kit with rear speakers mountable ontop of the front left and right channels, you twist them and they act as virtual surround, works quite well but again not to the extent putting them behind you would. I'm a sucker for no wires, and almost bought the Logitech Z-5450 speakers earlier as they have wireless rear left and right channels, but caved in to the lush ness of the Z-5500s and they're overly bassy sub :D

Would really like to hear this product in action!
We have one. I wrote a review thread about it a little while ago :)

I found this one from you but I don't think that's your review. Did you write a follow up after the product turned up?