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PURE launches ‘PURE Music’ cloud-based on-demand music service

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The revolutionary new way to discover, explore and listen to music

London, UK 26th October 2011: PURE, the world-leading radio maker, presents ‘PURE Music'*, a cloud-based on-demand music service that allows the user to discover, explore and listen to millions of music tracks through any of PURE's wide range of internet-connected digital radios, a smartphone and a computer, all for a monthly subscription of £4.99**.

PURE Music will go live in the UK during December 2011 and people can register their interest at www.thelounge.com/puremusic

PURE Music allows the user to organise and play as many tracks and albums as they want on multiple devices, including PURE's range of eight internet-connected digital radios (ONE Flow, EVOKE Flow, Oasis Flow, AVANTI Flow, Sirocco 550, Siesta Flow, Contour and Sensia), PCs and Macs via the PURE Lounge internet radio and media portal (www.thelounge.com) and on smartphones running the PURE Lounge app.

Says Colin Crawford, PURE's director of marketing: "Whether you are into chart hits or would prefer a trip down memory lane, PURE Music is the perfect service to allow you to find music and listen to individual tracks, full albums, or even mixtapes perfectly matched to  your mood. PURE Music is now at the heart of all of our internet radios, making it child's play to find and enjoy any music you want directly on your favourite listening device. Forget the hassle of downloading and ripping - just search and enjoy."

PURE Music also incorporates PURE Tag***, PURE's unique, free, tagging service which lets users bookmark tracks they hear on the radio, and subsequently explore around those tracks via the powerful search and recommendation facilities of the PURE Lounge, to discover more about the artists and their back catalogue, podcasts, or even branch out and discover similar and related artists.

Tracks or albums can simply be dragged and dropped into playlists which are automatically kept synchronised across all of the user's PURE Music listening devices. Playlists can also be shared via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The PURE Lounge iPhone and Android App**** are currently free of charge to all and will allow PURE Music subscribers to access any music they want on the move provided they have a WiFi connection or 3G reception. Users of the App can also enjoy PURE Music and content from the PURE Lounge through a speaker dock.

The PURE Music subscription service will go live to UK customers during December through a free software update and will be rolled out internationally during 2012.

For more information, please visit www.pure.com or www.thelounge.com/puremusic or call +44 (0) 845 1489001.

About Flow technology

Imagination's Flow technology is a comprehensive IP platform which establishes a new benchmark for connecting devices to the Cloud utilising both internet and broadcast channels. Flow technology ‘shrink wraps' all the complexity of connecting devices to cloud-based services, enabling the next wave of connected products.

FlowWorld is a configurable portal that forms part of the Flow technology portfolio. Used alongside Imagination's MetaPro connected processor platforms it enables an end to end solution for delivery of services between service providers and users through the cloud. Unlike other portal technologies, FlowWorld's unique 'fit' to the MetaPro connected processor platforms enables a much higher degree of efficiency, consistency and utility for developing devices delivering real-time and 'always connected' services. FlowWorld will deliver both baseline and enhanced services using a series of APIs through which partners can centrally control and manage service configurations for any MetaPro based connected product. The range of Flow technology enabled services is provided by both Imagination and a growing ecosystem of service provider partners.

About PURE

PURE is the world's leading manufacturer of broadcast and internet-connected digital radios, the number one supplier of digital radios in Europe and the creator of the EVOKE-1S, the world's most popular and iconic digital radio. PURE radios increasingly support all the broadcast standards in the DAB family used across all key markets in Europe and beyond. PURE is also leading the way in internet-connected radios based on its Flow technology and the PURE Lounge portal (www.thelounge.com). Designed and engineered in the UK, all of PURE's products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. PURE is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.