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TVonics launches first next-generation set-top box

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17th August 2009, Bridgend, Wales TVonics, the British digital TV switchover specialist, today announces its new MDR-240 set-top box (STB) will be the first Freeview receiver available to consumers in retail that meets the latest requirements set out by the Government.

With the switchover to digital television taking place across the UK until 2012 it is imperative that consumers have access to products and services they can trust. The TVonics MDR-240 meets all the new ‘Core Receiver Requirements’ and is designed to last the life of the TV it converts. It won’t get overloaded with information it can’t process and will automatically re-tune after system upgrades so Aunt Peggy won’t suddenly lose her favourite channels.

The TVonics MDR-240 will be available by early September from John Lewis and Comet as well as the TVonics website, www.tvonics.com. Estimated retail price is from £39.99 - £45.00 (retailer dependent) and with others coming on board later in the year, all of us that owns a TV set with a SCART connection will be able to easily connect to, and receive, Freeview’s digital television and radio services.