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TVonics launches another tiny Freeview box

by Parm Mann on 2 July 2008, 10:15

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TVonics is no stranger to tiny Freeview boxes, but it claims its MFR-300 to be the best one yet.

The digital set-top box, pictured below, measures just 70mm x 27mm x 54mm, making it one of the smallest Freeview boxes available. Perfect for those who want an out-of-sight solution.

The unit doesn't house a SCART socket, probably due to its minuscule size, but that isn't a problem. It'll simply connect via co-ax aerial, making it ideal for age-old TV sets. Could be a perfect way to get the Grandparents tuned in to Freeview?

The unit provides an eight-day EPG and unlike the older MFR-200, there's audio description functionality for the visually impaired. The device will retail at Ā£49.99 and TVonics lists its key features as follows:

  • Energy efficient and low power standby (5W operating, 1.5W standby).
  • Connects to your TV without the need for a SCART socket.
  • Audio Description. Audio description is an additional commentary that helps people with a sight problem to picture the on-screen action, body language and facial expressions.
  • Easy to use Remote Control.
  • 8 day electronic programme guide provides TV and Radio listings on screen for a full week ahead.
  • Install out of sight behind the TV.
  • Parental Control.
Official product page:

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