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Brainwavz introduces its BLU 300 wireless sports earphones

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Sweat proof and with an 8 hour long battery life, the BLU 300 are the ideal running or work out partner

Global audio specialist Brainwavz, established in 2008 with a focus on offering high quality products at competitive pricing, today announces the availability of its BLU 300 wireless sports earphones. The BLU 300 are the latest in the Brainwavz range of over 30 earphones and headphones and represent great value at £30.09/$39.50, from

The newest addition to the Brainwavz BLU range following on from the success of its predecessors, the BLU 100 and BLU 200, the BLU 300 have been designed specifically with sports in mind. The earphones boast an angled earbud to ensure a snug fit in the ear canal when running or working out ensuring there is no risk of them falling out. They are also water resistant to IPX7 rating so there are now no excuses to exercise whatever the weather. Whether you’ve worked up a sweat or caught in a downpour, users can rest assured that the BLU 300 will continue to function.

In addition to being the perfect exercise partner, the BLU 300 are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 for superb audio quality and give a convenient 10 metre range from the listening device, allowing users to undertake all manner of physical exercises without having to worry about wires getting in their way.

Due to the thoughtful earbud design, the BLU 300’s are excellent for noise isolation, blocking out the world around to provide focus to those exercising. If users wish to take an important call, skip a song or turn the volume up or down, the earphones also feature in-line controls with simple and precise tactile buttons so there is no need to scramble around searching for a mobile.

For long runs or exercise sessions, the BLU 300 boast up to 8 hours of continuous audio playback, 250 hours of standby and can be fully charged in under 2 hrs. Enough battery life even for the walk home after the gym or work!

Brainwavz’s confidence in the build quality and performance of the BLU 300 is clearly shown as it will also be covered in a new premium warranty.  Should the BLU 300 stop working for any reason (other than damages caused by a user) within the first 12 months after it was purchased, it will be replaced for a new unit.

Brainwavz continues to add to its following of loyal fans with its reputation for affordable audio products of great quality, value for money and superb after sales service. The BLU 300 wireless sports earphones hope to increase this fan base further in the UK.

New Micro Suede Earpads

Brainwavz is also launching its latest, super soft Micro Suede material for both oval and XL round headphones. The earpads have a universal fit for use with either oval or large over the ear headphone models from many different manufacturers such as Beyerdynamic, Massdrop, AKG, Audio Technica, Monoprice, Hifiman and many more.

The new earpads are pure indulgence, providing Brainwavz softest and most comfortable pads to date, designed to give extra relief for longer extended use. On the inside sits a layer of hi-grade memory foam padding, giving un-matched support, superior isolation, longer pad life and more comfort than ever before.

Brainwavz believes these are best after-market pads available, giving headphone enthusiasts the chance to treat their cans to a little memory foam upgrade for the ultimate over-ear experience.

The BLU 300 are available to purchase for $39.50/£30.09 on the Brainwavz website here

View the Micro Suede XL earpads here and the micro suede oval earpads here with pricing starting at £22.47/$29.50      

About Brainwavz

Brainwavz, a Hong Kong based multinational company, provides high-end earphones specifically designed for high-quality sound and tailor-made to provide the user with a solution that can be used across a wide range of audio genres and styles at affordable prices. Brainwavz believes in the idea that sound is a deeply personal experience, and strives to provide users with earphones that match their personal inclinations, to inspire with intensity. The Brainwavz name is known in many countries across the globe, and the company is continually committed to providing the best products at the best value.