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KitSound Voice One now with Spotify voice control

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We promised you the smart speaker you’ve been waiting for, and we keep our promises at KitSound. Officially launching in October 2017, at the time the Voice One’s voice control function wasn’t compatible with Spotify, but we guaranteed this feature would arrive in a later update. And now we can officially fulfil that promise, as we are thrilled to announce the integration of Spotify Voice Control with the KS Voice One. Alexa can now play your favourite album, artist or song on the Voice One using Spotify – all you have to do is ask. We are proud to be one of only 4 smart speakers globally (aside from Amazon’s range) available to have the Spotify voice control functionality.

For existing Voice One users, the update is simple: just open the KS Player app and allow the new firmware to download and install, then set Spotify as the preferred music service in your Alexa app. New users will get the updated firmware downloaded to the speaker during the initial set up process.

The KitSound Voice One officially went on sale on Sunday 15th October, from leading retailers including, Amazon, John Lewis, Richer Sounds,, KitSound and more recently network giant O2 for £129.99.

Shortly after launching, Hong Kong Electronic Industries Award 2017 announced the KS Voice One as the winner of their personal electronics category. Judging criteria includes, design, innovation, quality, packaging and environmental friendliness. 

The KS Voice One is a hands-free smart speaker that integrates Alexa, allowing you to play music from Spotify, Amazon Music or TuneIn, get the news and weather, control your smart home and answer your questions. With an added TLC audio boost from our KitSound engineers – it’s so much more than just a smart speaker.

Blending the style of the past with the technology of the future, the Voice One features a stain-resistant Nano coated woven grill to protect against little splashes and with built-in multi-room technology, you can connect up to 8 Voice One speakers together wirelessly. Stream your favourite playlists or connect an external music source to one of the speakers and re-distribute the sound to other speakers via Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy your music in every room – regardless if it’s on online or vinyl.

Alexa far-field voice recognition is activated by the Smart Source Pickup dual microphones that listen to you from anywhere in the room. The Voice One also comes equipped with a responsive remote control for you loud fanatics.

Alexa is the cloud-based voice service that powers Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Alexa is always getting smarter — just ask and she’ll answer questions, order a pizza, read books, or even become your Personal Trainer as she leads your workout routines. With thousands of Alexa Skills, you can tailor your Voice One to match your lifestyle and meet your needs.

And do it all to the enviable sound of the Voice One’s dual-opposing drivers producing omnidirectional audio, giving a unique 360° listening experience. Close your eyes, open your ears and immerse yourself in the deep, warm, hi-fi audio that’s been carefully hand-tuned in our KS Lab – to give you the smart speaker that you’ve been waiting for.

“The brief for the Voice One was simple: a smart speaker that looks and sounds great in a package that won’t break the bank. I think we’ve nailed it. We’ve had a lot of fun on this project, and working with Amazon has been amazing, the product and marketing support from their team has been incredible and we’re looking forward to working with them again
in the future!” – KitSound’s Chief Product Designer, Jordan.

“We’re excited to work with KitSound and bring Alexa to another great smart speaker,” said Jon Kirk, Director, Alexa Voice Services. “The Voice One combines KitSound’s audio quality with Alexa features customers love—you can play music, get the news and weather, control your smart home, or order a takeaway in the same way as with Amazon Echo. Just ask, and
Alexa will take care of it for you.”

KitSound Voice One. The smart speaker with soul that will completely rock your socks off.  

Available now from , , ,, and
RRP £129.99


 Alexa enabled, voice activated
 20-Watts of ear-thumping power
 Multi-room connectivity for up to 8 speakers
 Stain-resistant Nano coating
 Spotify Connect
 USB charging output for external devices
 Bluetooth® and line-in ivity
 Wi-Fi connectivity
 Responsive remote control
 Left and right stereo pairing


 Works with Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
 Wireless connectivity range: Up to 10m
 Drivers: 2.5 inches
 Frequency response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz
 Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4 GHz
 Output: 2 x 10 W
 S/N: 60 dB
 Dimensions: H278 x W130 x D130 (mm)
 Weight: 1.742 kg
 Retro inspired sleek design

KitSound products are available in most high street and online retailers.

For further product information and details on where to buy, please visit