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New Line of Solutions from Gefen Boasts Clean Packaging, Pro Quality Performance and Cost-Effective Pricing

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Las Vegas, NV – Connectivity solutions provider Gefen presents an entire new line of audio/video solutions at CES, each attractively priced and packaged. Based on Gefen’s professional solutions for switching, splitting, scaling and measuring high definition video performance, the Gefen TV line of solutions delivers the same engineering streamlined for easy integration with home systems.

Gefen TV Switcher and Splitter
The Gefen TV Switcher enables consumers to connect and access four sources, including satellite TV systems, disk players and digital video recorders, from one high definition display. Sources are selected by IR remote, local back panel buttons or by using the auto-switch function that distinguishes between already on sources and those most recently powered. The Gefen TV Splitter enables a simple split of one source signal and delivery to four displays or projectors at the same time. Both solutions support HDCP and HDMI v1.3a pass-through compliance and resolutions up to 1080p.

Gefen TV Personal Video Recorders
Two innovative models enable an easy method of recording and downloading videos, home movies, photos and other video/audio files for complete mobility. The HD PVR works with composite/s-video, component and two HDMI sources, and outputs HDMI audio/video for each source. HDTV is recorded in the MPEG 4 format, and content may be stored on the 80Gb hard drive or the removable SD card. The SD PVR works with component and composite/s-video sources. It records content onto a removable USB storage device making it perfect for moving pictures and video to computers or other playback devices.

Gefen TV Scalers
Three new scalers offer several options for those demanding the most refined video image possible. The Gefen TV Scaler Pro uses HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) technology and a sophisticated scaling chip that delivers high-end, up/down scaling for the HDMI v1.3 signal.  The Gefen TV 1080p Scaler enables video displays to reach the desired 1080p resolution while outputting both digital and analog audio signals for surround sound refinements. The Gefen TV Composite to HDMI Scaler is ideal for anyone wanting to integrate old and new technologies. It enables a plug and play connection between composite/s-video sources and today's HDMI displays, and scales the video in all high definition formats.

Gefen TV Audio Support
The Gefen TV Audio Processor creates surround sound in any remote location. It accepts any HDMI source and delivers two HDMI outputs: one is a pass-through to the display and the other is sent to an external audio receiver. The processor decodes this HDMI signal to provide an audio signal along with six discrete RCA connectors to create a lush audio environment and an engaging HDTV experience. The Gefen TV Audio Converter is a streamlined digital to analog audio converter that enables users to convert their digital audio signals to analog left/right in order to create enhanced sound environments with plug and play ease.

Gefen TV Simplay HD Certified Cables for HDMI v1.3
Gefen’s 6-, 10- and 15-foot HDMI cables are Simplay HD certified for enabling a seamless connection between HDMI sources and displays or projectors. These high-bandwidth cables support resolutions from 480i to 1080p and deliver uncompressed video with multi-channel digital audio for top quality performance on the receiving end and full HDCP and HDMI v1.3 compliance unaffected throughout the transmission.

All of the Gefen TV solutions come with Gefen’s standard two-year warranty and a lifetime of free technical support. Gefen will be demonstrating its full line of Gefen TV solutions in the South Hall/1st Level at booth 20344 during CES.