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QOTW: do you still use an alarm clock?

by Parm Mann on 14 May 2008, 12:21

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There once was a time where the alarm clock reigned supreme. So much so, that when traveling, many of us would pack our beloved little clocks into our bags to ensure we'd be up on time. Times, however, have changed, and the age-old alarm clock is now being put to bed.

A recent survey by budget hotel chain, Travelodge, has revealed that 71 per cent of UK adults believe that alarm clocks are now obsolete.

The survey, which encompassed 3,000 participants, has highlighted a growing trend; mobile phones are fast replacing the traditional alarm clock. 36 per cent of those questioned said they now prefer using the latest ring tone to wake them, as opposed to the shrill bleeping of an alarm clock.

Other popular methods of waking the nation’s sleepers included:

  • The voices of Terry Wogan and the UK’s favourite DJ the chirpy Chris Moyles (34%)
  • Setting the body clock to wake up naturally (17%)
  • Relying on partner to wake up (7%)
  • Being nuzzled by pet cat or dog (5%)
  • By listening to favourite tunes on the iPod (1%)

Chris Idzikowski, Sleep Expert from Edinburgh Sleep Centre, goes one step further and claims alarm clocks to be a health hazard, stating:

“Alarm clocks have been shown to cause heart rhythm irregularities which might cause a heart attack. The alarm clock’s strident ringing tone can be a shock to the body and mind. My recommendation is to wake up naturally as the awakening is part of a natural sleep-wake cycle and it can help you feel less groggy. Sleep tends to run on a 90 minute cycle, try to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes.”

So, dear readers, who still uses a standalone alarm clock? Has your mobile phone taken over waking-up responsibilities, or do you use your body clock to wake up naturally? Let us know in our community poll.

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Not sure if you classify a clock radio as a standalone alarm clock, but that's what i use at home.
I do tend to use my mobile if I'm away though.
Nope. I use neither a phone, nor a “radio alarm clock”.

I use a program called MCE alarm clock which is a plugin for MCE2005 and plays any of a range of mp3's I select at random.

It's great getting woken up to the thud of bass and stuff from some funky breaks or some dirty D&B :)
I couldn't tick 2 options…

I use a stand alone alarm clock, and my mobile phone :D

Oh and the noise of the neighbours leaving.
My alarm clock is my phone - the option to set 6 or something alarms to go off at different times gets even the heaviest sleeper to wake up.

Which is handy really, as I've slept through fire alarms, apparently didn't make a sound through the great storm of '87 etc…
Other - alarm clock wakes wife who wakes me…